Most of the genital rejuvenation procedures are known to be non-surgical; however, there are also genital rejuvenation types which are surgical and give very effective results like labiaplasty.

   Labiaplasty is an operation to decrease the size of the labia to treat the discomfort caused by the unwanted shape of it. The operation usually aims to treat the elongated labia minora; however, it can also be performed to increase or decrease the size of labia majora.

   Some people may suffer from elongated labia minora due to pregnancy, aging, genetics or piercing in the area which sometimes causes deformations. Long shape of labia may cause aesthetic and physical discomfort; patients suffering from this condition often complain about the pain and irritation when they wear tight pants or swimsuits because of the friction. They cannot perform some of the physical exercises comfortably and they often experience pain during sexual intercourse. This condition is very common; but then again, labiaplasty is a very unpopular surgery because many people are not aware of the healthy anatomy of genitals and cannot define the problem. The number of labiaplasty patients is almost 30 times less than breast augmentation patients.

Am I a good candidate for labiaplasty?

   Before deciding on having a labiaplasty, the definition of the operation and the diagnosis of the individual’s condition are very important points that should be taken into consideration. Patients should be aware that labiaplasty cannot treat the psychology-related sexual problems; having realistic expectations and being in a good physical and mental condition are essential.

   Patients with realistic expectations state that after labiaplasty, they feel more comfortable and confident in their sexual life; they also say that they do not suffer from any physical discomfort on the area therefore their life quality has increased significantly.

   The best way to find out if you are eligible for the surgery is to seek advice from a professional.  

How is it done?

   Labiaplasty can be performed under local or general anesthesia; the operation lasts around 1-2 hours in total.

   While there are several techniques, the most commonly performed techniques for labiaplasty are trim technique and wedge technique. In trim technique, the outer edge of the labia minora is removed to reduce the size; this technique is mostly demanded for its removing the darker edges. In wedge technique, a V-shaped part is removed from the bottom of labia minora and the remaining skin is stitched together; this technique preserves the original edges and provides a more natural contour of the area.

   The best technique changes according to the specific condition and expectations of the patients; your surgeon will advise the most suitable technique for you.

   Patients are recommended to take a week off from work to complete recovery process smoothly; first 6 weeks, using tampons and sexual intercourse should be avoided.

   To get more information on labiaplasty cost and other genital rejuvenation treatments, please visit and fill out the free consultation form; the experienced medical consultants of Mono will be happy to help you.

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