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Tummy Tuck Turkey

Tummy Tuck Turkey operation is mostly known as abdominoplasty. It is performed to people with a large amount of stretch mark complaints, excess skin and layers in the tummy area.

In the operation, not only excess adipose tissue but also abundant piled up skin is removed and recovered.

Tummy Tuck operation is performed under general anesthesia. An incision is made between the two groin and the abdominal muscles are tightened, the skin is tightened, the abdominal area is reshaped and the belly button is reconstructed.

During this process, liposuction is often performed on the upper regions. The abdomen area of ​​the patients returns exactly to the state when they were young.

The person should be followed up in the hospital for 1 day after the operation.

Tummy Tuck İzmir

Tummy Tuck Izmir operation gives very successful results. In this way, the person can have some advantages.

The abdominal tissue is stitched along the lower muscle tissue. Thanks to this situation, it both reduces the general tension, prevents swelling, reduces the tension on the stitches and prevents fluid filling in between.

This means protecting the person from many possible problems (complications) that may occur.

People can move quite comfortably in the postoperative period. They can do their own work, such as walking, turning around and going to the toilet as they wish.

Tummy Tuck Istanbul

After staying in the hospital for 1 day after Tummy Tuck Istanbul operation, the person is discharged. It is recommended to lie down in a V shape and walk slightly forward for the next 3 days.

In this way, the person helps the tissues to recover more easily.

The person’s incision line recovers within 10-12 days following the operation. During this period, swelling may occur in the incision area.

Swelling begins to decrease after 10 days and becomes normal after 30 days. In this process, the use of corsets is recommended.

When the person touches himself with his hands after the operation, he can feel hard tissues. This is normal and part of the process. On average, these stiffness decreases within 3 months, and at the end of 6 months, it will definitely not be obvious from the outside that the person has undergone an operation.

Tummy Tuck Prices

One of the situations that you have in mind during the period you want to undergo Tummy Tuck operation may be the answer to the question of what are the tummy tuck prices.

First of all, your surgeon should evaluate you in terms of whether you are suitable for the procedure. If you are not eligible, another alternative may be suggested.

If you are eligible to undergo an operation, the procedure will be planned and if you have a special situation, you will be informed about it.

For example, you may be receiving blood thinning medication or diabetes treatment. In these cases, you can be treated in a different way than other people.

After these evaluations, after your operation is planned, you can ask your doctor about all the situations you are curious about, including the price issue about tummy tuck Turkey.

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