Rhinoplasty is a surgery for people who would like to change the shape and fix the irregularities of their noses. Also known as nose job, rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular operations among plastic procedures.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Its location in the middle of the face makes the nose very efficient on the general impression of the face form. The discomfort with the nose can lead significant problems in terms of aesthetic and function matters; rhinoplasty can be perform for aesthetic reasons, functioning reasons or both.

The disfigure of nose may cause problem with breathing as well as with appearance. Any people who would like to improve the appearance and function of their noses and do not have any interfering medical condition can benefit from this procedure.

  There are different rhinoplasty techniques, such as;

  • closed rhinoplasty
  • open rhinoplasty
  • revision rhinoplasty
  • rhinoplasty-tip
  • septo-rhinoplasty
  • preservation rhinoplasty

Depending on the needs, expectations and the medical history of the patient, the surgeon decides on the best suitable technique; therefore, the consultation process is very important for rhinoplasty surgery. The physical condition of the nose should be examined closely along with the prior medical information of patient in order to come up with the best and most functional results.

Rhinoplasty Cost

Cost of rhinoplasty changes according to the appropriate technique; Clinic Mono designs rhinoplasty Turkey treatment packages covering all necessary expenses a patient may have for their journey. Our medical consultants will inform you more about the most suitable techniques for your condition and all-inclusive rhinoplasty cost.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed by external or internal incisions depending on which technique is applied. Your bone and cartilage is re-arranged to fix the functional and aesthetic problems. The size of the nostrils can be adjusted according to the new form of the nose. After the necessary changes are done, the incisions inside or outside of the nose are closed up by sutures.

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Recovery After Rhinoplasty

  • The sutures are removed in 7th The protective dressings may be advised to remain for a week.
  • In order to minimize bleeding and swelling you should rest you head higher than your chest level after the surgery. Bruising under the eyes and swelling in general area of the face is normal and will disappear within around 1-2 weeks.
  • Until your recovery of your rhinoplasty surgery is done, you should not blow your nose strongly and avoid extreme facial expressions.
  • You can get back to your daily life and work 10 days after your operation providing that you follow the post-op instructions very carefully.
  • Wearing any type of glasses should be avoided for at least a month after rhinoplasty since the pressure on the nose may affect the results negatively; consult to your surgeon about which time exactly you will be ready for that.
  • It takes time for the edema and swelling of the nose to disappear; in order to see your final results, one year should pass after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Turkey practices have a very high success rate and the most affordable rhinoplasty cost; as Clinic Mono, we are proud to provide our patients with the most desired rhinoplasty results and very comfortable treatment journeys. In order to get an insight of what your nose needs and which technique is suitable for your condition, please fill out our consultation form; our medical consultants will contact you immediately for answering your inquiries, creating your individualized rhinoplasty Turkey treatment plan and informing you about rhinoplasty cost.