Recovery After Tummy Tuck: Does the Operation Leave a Scar?

   Tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries opted by those who would like to achieve a flatter abdominal area and a better body form. Recovery of tummy tuck can be seen as complicated at first however when true aftercare instructions are followed, it is actually very smooth.

   An important thing which concerns patients who would like to have a tummy tuck is the scar issue; many patients would like to achieve their dream body by having tummy tuck, however a possibility of a visible scar can be intimidating. Here are all the details about the tummy tuck recovery and scar.

Recovery after tummy tuck

   Tummy tuck is an invasive surgical procedure; the recovery after tummy tuck requires attention and care for a proper healing and avoiding complications which may affect your health and operation results badly.

   Resting is the key point; patients should rest for enough time and give their body the time to heal before getting back to their normal life. First 2 weeks are important for resting and therefore patients are advised to take 2 weeks off from work; if it is not possible, at least 1 week of resting is a must.

   Another important point about the recovery is the medical garment; medical garment should be obtained if not provided by the clinic and used for enough time as instructed by the surgeon. This garment is very effective on reducing the swelling; it eases the pain and discomfort as well.

   Patients should be careful with their physical activities until the recovery period is over; any position or activity which may strain the belly or increase the blood pressure should be avoided for at least a month.

Tummy tuck scar

   Tummy tuck is performed by removing out the excess skin which causes the saggy and layered look on abdominal part; the shape and the size of tummy tuck scar can vary depending on the technique and the extent of the operation, however scar is expected in every condition.

   Tummy tuck surgeries are planned for the individual’s condition and these plans also cover the shape and the location of the incision; depending on the specific condition of the patients, surgeons are usually able to make the incision under the bikini line so that it would be hidden after the operation.

   The extent of the surgery is very determinant on the tummy tuck scar’s size; for example, patients who had mini tummy tuck have a much smaller scar which is quite similar to C-section scar. On the other hand, patients who had extended tummy tuck usually have a much larger scar.

   The prominence of the scar is highly dependent on the recovery period as well. Though the scar is permanent, it can fade away to a very indistinct level. To achieve that, refraining from smoking, lotions with vitamin E and sunscreens are highly recommended during recovery process.

3 Things That Will Improve in Your Life After Tummy Tuck

   The undesired form of the tummy is disturbing for many people regardless of gender, race or age causing them to feel insecure out their body. This condition is very common and can be caused by weight changes, pregnancy or aging. Gladly, tummy tuck is a very successful operation giving very satisfactory and permanent results thanks to the medical developments, talented surgeons and advanced technology. Here are the 3 things that will improve in the life of patients who had tummy tuck.

The body form

   Tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery as opposed to what many people think; however, it has still a huge effect on the body form. When the skin loses its elasticity by aging or stretches caused by the excessive weight or pregnancy, naturally it sags after weight loss or after pregnancy is over. This saggy look prevents people to enjoy their body form even if they lost a great amount of weight. Tummy tuck will not make you lose weight but it will contour your body, flatten your belly and highlight your curves. Plus, it is the only permanent solution for this condition.


   It is a known fact that the main aim of cosmetic surgery is to make people feel better about their body; people who are not happy with a certain part of their body are very prone to lose their confidence and feel depressed. Patients who were very uncomfortable with their saggy skin around the belly state that after they had tummy tuck, they started to feel much better about themselves; their confidence has been restored and it is much more enjoyable to wear tight clothes or swimwear they like. A successful tummy tuck operation can change more things in your life than your appearance.

Motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle

   Although, the surgical and recovery processes are very smooth today thanks to the latest technology and improvements of the medical science, tummy tuck is still a surgical procedure which requires enough qualification, care and attention from both the surgeon and the patients. After going through all the processes and achieve the final results, you will have much more motivation to eat healthy food, exercise more and control your weight changes; a healthy lifestyle is very essential after having tummy tuck in order to prevent from going back to the old saggy condition of the tummy. And after spending certain amount of time and money on this operation to achieve a better body form, we promise you will be much careful about your general health; not only to preserve the results of your tummy but to take better care of your full body.

   Clinic Mono provides its patients with all-inclusive tummy tuck treatment packages.

Things to Know About Before and After Processes of Tummy Tuck

   Tummy tuck operation is the favorite cosmetic operation of people who would like to improve the shape of their abdominal area. Pregnancy, aging and major weight changes can cause deformation of the tummy area and cause saggy and layered look. With tummy tuck, people are able to get rid of this undesired appearance and achieve a nice bikini body.

   Before booking for the operation, there are some important things to know about process.

Before tummy tuck: Understanding the operation

   Tummy tuck is often misunderstood as being a treatment which makes patients to lose weight. This is a very common misunderstanding of people about the cosmetic procedures related to tummy area; however, this is not true.

   Tummy tuck operation is performed to remove the excess skin in the tummy area, tighten the muscles and sometimes to remove the excess fat; but it is definitely not a way to lose weight. In fact, tummy tuck cannot be performed for people over a certain BMI value because it is risky.

   So, who can have a tummy tuck? Tummy tuck is suitable for those who experience saggy skin and weakened muscles after a major weight loss, pregnancy or aging. It is very common for patients who had lost weight with bariatric operations to opt for tummy tuck afterwards. The operation is also an inseparable part of mommy makeover treatments.

   Before having the operation, it is important to have a detailed consultation session to talk about the expectations and current medical condition of the patients. There are several types of tummy tuck such as lipoabdominoplasty, extended tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck. These types are to treat the conditions with varying severities; in the consultation, your surgeon will suggest you the best suitable technique to achieve the best results for your specific condition.

After tummy tuck: Instructions and results

   Tummy tuck is an invasive operation and the aftercare should be very delicate. Depending on the extent of your operation and whether it was combined with another cosmetic surgery or not, the discomfort level of patients in recovery period can vary.

   After having tummy tuck, you will be provided with suitable medical garment; using the garment as instructed by the surgeon is important to support healing, smoothen the recovery period and reduce the swelling.

   Resting after the operation is very important; patients are often advised to take a week off from work or 2 weeks if that is possible. Any strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be strictly refrained during first 2-3 weeks. To achieve a proper healing of the tummy tuck incision any position to strain tummy should be avoided for the first 2 months.

   Results of tummy tuck are completely permanent; however, patients are advised to eat healthy and exercise regularly to avoid any other major weight change since it may cause tummy skin to sag again. Tummy tuck is not a suitable operation for those planning to get pregnant in the future as it would disrupt the results.

   Medical consultants of Clinic Mono will be happy to give more details about the before and after periods of tummy tuck; fill out the free consultation form to contact us.

What Are the Techniques of Facial Rejuvenation?

   Facial rejuvenation is the broad term covering all the procedures done for reducing the effects of aging in the face. Face is the most sensitive and conspicuous area of human body and any deformity on face can make the individual uncomfortable and depressed.

   Aging is inevitable, for sure. However, with today’s cutting-edge technology and well-developed medical techniques, you can turn back time. There are many procedures available for facial rejuvenation among which you can choose the most suitable one(s) for your condition.

Dermal fillers

   Dermal fillers are one of the most demanded facial rejuvenation procedures because of their easy application and quick recovery. They are gel-like substances containing hyaluronic acid collagens which we already have in our body. They can be applied to nasolabial folds, smile lines, thin cheeks, deflated lips, inconspicuous jawline and hollow under eyes. They provide temporary results; they are absorbed by the body in around 6-12 months depending on the area they are applied and the skin structure of the patients.

   There is no recovery period for dermal fillers and the results are immediately visible after they are applied. However, the minimal bruising and the swelling may take 7-10 days to disappear.


   Botox is a very easy procedure which targets the wrinkles in the face. It blocks the contact between the nerves and muscles temporarily; thus the wrinkles which appears as a result of facial expressions are softened. It is usually performed on forehead, crow’s feet, frown lines or Marionette lines. It takes around 5-10 minutes to be performed and have no recovery period.

Eyelid surgery

   One of the major signs of aging is droopy eyelids; it can be performed both for upper and lower eyelids to repair deformities. The operation is done by removing the excess skin in the eyelid to achieve a more aesthetic look. It is an invasive operation however since it is performed under anesthesia, patients feel no pain during the operation. Recovery period lasts around 2-3 weeks. Final results are visible when the swelling completely disappears which takes around 2-3 months. Eyelid surgery has %90 success rate.

Face lift

   Face lift procedures are able make the patients look 10-15 years younger. Face lift targets the lower two third of the face; there are several different types of face lift for different conditions of the patients among which the middle face lift and full face lift are the most demanded. During the operation the excess fat and skin are removed from the area and the remaining tissues are re-arranged to achieve the ideal shape of the face.

   Patients can get back to their light daily routines in 2 weeks. The edema can last for 6 months and the final results are visible when the edema is gone completely.

 Who can opt for facial rejuvenation procedures?

   Patients who suffer from the aging effects on their face and have an overall good physical and mental health can opt for facial rejuvenation procedures; however, the invasive types of the facial rejuvenation procedures are often not recommended for young people unless there is an exceptional situation since they can speed up the aging in some cases.

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Recovery Process of Penis Enlargement Techniques

   Penis enlargement treatments have been giving satisfactory results for those who would like to achieve an increased size of their penis and a better confidence and masculine energy. Since the undesired penis size is a very common problem among men, medical techniques of cosmetic treatments on this problem are getting more improved day by day.

   There are many different surgical and non-surgical techniques available for penis enlargement procedures; while it possible to perform the treatment by pubic liposuction, dermal fillers, vacuuming or over-the-counter products, the most effective and successful techniques have been found to be ligament transection and fat transfer to penis.

   Both fat transfer to penis via liposuction and ligament transection techniques are surgical and require enough care and attention during all phases of the operation. One of the most important point effecting the success rate of these operation is undoubtedly the recovery and aftercare process.

   Although both techniques usually have smooth recovery periods, there are a few things patients are advised to be careful with.

Recovery after fat transfer to penis procedure

   Fat transfer to penis operation mainly aims to increase the girth of the penis; however, the length can also increase around 1-1,5 cm.

   Fat transfer technique requires a liposuction procedure beforehand to collect the necessary fat to be injected into the penis. Tummy and thighs are the most preferred areas to collect fat with liposuction in penis enlargement procedures; however, any area with unwanted fat deposits can be suitable for the operation. The harvested fat is prepared and injected into the penis in a way to increase the girth properly through small incision in the base of the penis.

   The recovery period of fat transfer to penis is very comfortable. Patients are advised to rest for 24 hours. Minimal bruising and pain can be experienced until up to 1-2 weeks. Heavy lifting, strenuous physical activities and sexual intercourse should be refrained for 2 weeks.

    Since this procedure requires liposuction, the extent of the liposuction can change the recovery timeline. It is also common for patients to combine their body contouring by liposuction procedure with penis enlargement.

Recovery after ligament transection procedure

   One third of the penis length is concealed inside of the body; by suspensory ligament transection procedure, length of flaccid penis can be increased.

   Ligament transection holds the penis close to the body and with this operation an increased length of the flaccid penis can be achieved.

   After the operation, patients should rest for 2 days before going back to work; resting period can be longer depending on how demanding the work is in terms of physical activity. Bruising and swelling can last for 2 weeks. Heavy lifting, prolonged walking and standing up and strenuous activities should be refrained for 2 weeks.

   Patients can get back to their normal sexual activities and heavy exercises in 4-6 weeks. Final results can take 3-6 months to be achieved.

   Clinic Mono offers penis enlargements performed with fat transfer technique; to get further information on the operation and recovery please visit

Penis Enlargement Costs

   The idea of cosmetic surgery is mostly associated with women; In fact, there are many things that a man can find suitable for himself in cosmetic surgery. Considering that the increasing aesthetic expectations of the modern world also applies for men, it would be unfair if there were not any solution for their aesthetic discomforts.

   Cosmetic surgeries are mostly opted to renew and strengthen the feminine and masculine energy; in this sense, penis enlargement procedures become more popular day by day among those who would like to renew their masculine energy. The number of men who desire a larger size of their penis is quite high today; since a desired genital area means restored self-esteem and more quality sexual life, penis enlargement procedures are very beneficial for men.

   Due to the high price of the cosmetic surgeries in UK, USA or many European countries, many patients from those countries are seeking penis enlargement procedures abroad; one of the most popular destinations for the treatment is Turkey with all-inclusive low prices and quality treatments. Turkey is ideal for those who would like to benefit from the advantages of package prices and quality services while having their treatment.

   There are certain factors affecting the penis enlargements cost; the type and technique of the surgery, inclusiveness of the treatment package and quality of the aftercare are the most important factors, especially for treatments offered in popular medical destinations of today, like Turkey.

What are the factors affecting penis enlargement costs?

   Before deciding on a surgery to increase the size of the penis, a detailed consultation process in which all medical information, expectations, hesitations, prior disease and operations of the patient are covered. Before a detailed treatment plan is created, it is usually not possible to know about the penis enlargement costs because every operation should be unique.

   After the needs of the patient are identified, the suitable technique should be decided; there many techniques for penis enlargement treatments. The most common ones are ligament transection and fat injection to penis; however, it can also be performed with dermal filler injections, vacuum devices or lotions and pills. While the effects of non-surgical techniques are controversial; ligament transection and fat injection can give more satisfactory results for patients.

   The selected technique and requirements of that technique are very determinant of penis enlargement prices; while non-surgical treatments are very affordable, surgical ones can be relatively more expensive.

Penis enlargement Turkey costs

   Penis enlargement cost in Turkey is highly related to the chosen techniques as in anywhere around the world; however, there are some other factors effective on the prices in Turkey.

   Penis enlargement treatments in Turkey are offered as a package; these packages are designed exclusively for the comfort and well-being of the patients covering services such as accommodation, transfers, meals, personal assistant and check-ups. Depending on the inclusiveness of these treatment packages, the overall price of penis enlargement can vary.

   One other important thing about the prices in Turkey, is the quality of aftercare and facilities. Penis enlargement treatments in Turkey provide patients with the best prices and most quality results for a long time now; however, patients should be careful with the details of the package and ask everything in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises on arrival.

   In Clinic Mono, fat transfer technique is performed for penis enlargement treatments; for further information on the procedure and the technique, please visit Fill out the free consultation form to get an individualized treatment plan and all-inclusive package price.

Factors Effective on Blepharoplasty Costs

   Blepharoplasty is a procedure to increase the aesthetic look of the eyelids by removing out the excess fat and tissues; since the droopy eyelids are one of the biggest signs of aging, surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures including blepharoplasty, are opted from many patients who would like to turn back time and look younger.

   As the demand on cosmetic surgeries increases worldwide, the number of international treatment seekers have increased accordingly due to many advantages for opting a treatment abroad. The biggest advantage of opting for a treatment abroad is usually the lower costs. The first destination comes to mind with affordable cosmetic surgery prices and most satisfactory results is undoubtedly Turkey; this situation is not different for eyelid surgery as well.

   Here are some factors affecting the cost of eyelid surgery and the reason why it is more advantageous to have it in Turkey.

The details of the treatment plan

   Eyelid surgery is planned individually in accordance to the patient’s medical condition and expectations from the surgery. Aging effects may occur differently in every patient and the desires of patients may vary accordingly.

   Eyelid surgery can be performed for 2 or 4 eyelids; while some patients need the operation for only upper eyelids, others may also experience sagginess and deformity on their lower eyelids.

   The details like number of the eyelids and the extent of the surgery can affect the cost of the surgery; therefore, the final price of the treatment is usually shared with patients after a detailed consultation process in which the current medical condition, prior operations and the detailed explanation of the desired outcomes is discussed and a special treatment plan is created for the patient.

Inclusive treatment packages in Turkey

   For international patients, one of the many factors effective on the blepharoplasty surgery is treatment packages.

   Many medical centers in Turkey design inclusive cosmetic treatment packages for their international patients; by this way they provide an easier and more comfortable experience to their patients.

   The details like inclusiveness or quality of this treatment packages are important while setting up the overall price of the treatment.

   Blepharoplasty prices are usually offered in package concept in Turkey; the most common services included in the treatment package are accommodation, transfers, medications, meals, personal assistant and follow-up check-ups. The quality of the selected facilities and aftercare services are efficient on the package cost as well as the patient’s satisfaction level in the treatment journey.

Is blepharoplasty cost covered by the insurance?

   Eyelid surgery is an elective surgery in most cases; however, in some cases where the droopy eyelids cause major impairment on the vision, it can be fully or partially covered by insurance although it is not common.

   Clinic Mono offers the best quality eyelid surgery treatments in Turkey; treatment packages are all-inclusive and the aftercare services are designed to provide the patients with the most comfortable blepharoplasty experience. All-inclusive blepharoplasty prices of Clinic Mono cover all the expenses of the operation, hospital stay, accommodation, medications, transfers, multilingual personal assistant and follow-up visits. To get further information on the procedure, please visit

Genital Bleaching Procedure and Recovery

   The number of people who would like to restore their feminine and masculine energy with a cosmetic procedure to achieve a better self-confidence is increasing day by day. Genital rejuvenation procedures come first for this purpose; genital rejuvenation procedures can also restore the masculine energy; however, majority of them aims to restore the feminine energy.

   While the discomfort with genitals can happen in various ways; the surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation procedures are able to be the cure for almost every type of problem. The latest technological advances and medical advances have contributed a lot to genital rejuvenation procedures; procedures have become much more successful, painless and comfortable.

   One of the most common problems about the intimate areas is darkening; genital darkening can appear due to many reasons and make people uncomfortable about their genital parts. Therefore, the non-surgical genital bleaching procedures have become one of the cosmetic trends today.

What are the causes of genital darkening?

   Genital darkening can occur due to many reasons; the biggest one is friction. Friction can be caused by tight bottom clothes which are actually very popular today. Body defenses itself against friction and darkening occurs as a result. One other factor is sweating which is also mainly caused by tight bottoms or airtight fabrics. This type of clothes can block the ventilation of genitals and cause for low hygiene from sweating and infection; and consequently darkening occurs.

   Genital darkening can also occur as a result of hormonal imbalances; estrogen hormone has a significant effect on the genital health and appearance of the area. During periods like pregnancy, menopause or puberty, estrogen level can change significantly and therefore these periods are when the genital darkening is mostly experienced.

   While some of the reasons of genital darkening are preventable with little and easy precautions, the others are not very easy to prevent; however, genital darkening can be treated successfully regardless of the reason.

Genital bleaching procedures

   First of all, everybody who is interested in the genital bleaching treatments should acknowledge that this procedure does not aim to make the area “white” but aims to achieve a lighter color, the original color of the genitals before darkening occurred.

   The most common treatment for genital bleaching is laser treatments; laser genital bleaching is performed by using cutting-edge technological laser in the area to lighten dark color of the upper layer of the skin caused by melanin cells. The procedure is painless; genital area is numbed in a suitable way your doctor chooses beforehand. It takes around 10-15 minutes and requires no recovery period afterwards although patients are advised to be careful with their genital hygiene.

   Unlike the over-the-counter products which claims to remove genital darkening completely but not able to provide any successful results, laser bleaching gives permanent and very effective results. After one session, usually the majority of the darkness goes away; however, in some cases, patients may need extra sessions to get more desired results.

   All genital rejuvenation procedures in Clinic Mono are planned individually for the specific condition and expectations of the patients; for further information on the procedures, please click

What is Genital Darkening and What Are Its Causes?

   Genital parts are the most sensitive parts of the body; any deformation or disorders of genital parts can be effective on the general mood and confidence of people

   One of the most common problems about the genital parts is the changes and darkening of the skin color in the area. This is a problem experienced especially by women, effecting their feminine energy and make them be nervous about the causes. Darkness of the genitals can look as if the area is not hygienic or diseased even if these are not true.

   It is relieving to know that today’s cutting-edge technology and medical methods are effective on solving this problem and provide people with lighter and more healthy-looking genital parts.

   Before finding the best solution for the undesired darkening of genitals, the diagnosis of its causes is very important to be able to prevent any further discomfort and pick the best treatment.

Causes of genital darkening

   There are many factors which can cause genital darkening; while some of those are related to people’s daily habits, others are related to the changes in the body.

Friction: While the popularity of tight yoga pants is increasing every day, the biggest reason for the darkening of the genital parts is the friction caused by tight underwear and bottom clothes. The darkening is a result of the body protecting itself against the friction.

Sweating and lack of ventilation: Other factors related to our daily habits are sweating and lack of ventilation in the area. These can be caused by the airtight material and tightness of the underwear and pants. Sweating can cause for infections and make the genitals darker; therefore, choosing healthy fabrics for bottom clothes and the changing of them frequently is important.

Shaving: Shaving frequently can also cause darkening; the growth cycle of the hair and razors can cause irritation on the area and result with darkening.

Hormonal changes: The color pigment on our body, melanin, gets affected from the estrogen level; changes on the estrogen level during pregnancy, menopause or puberty can cause darkness in the genital parts.

Aging: Aging can cause darkness not only in genitals but also in other parts of the body; skin loses its elasticity and gets weaker as people age and this can cause darkening of the skin.

How to prevent genital darkening?

   By taking some simple precautions, genital darkening can be delayed. Right bottom clothes can make difference; wearing loose bottoms, choosing breathing fabrics and frequently changing the bottom clothes can delay darkening of genitals and prevent infections. Right usage of shower products is also significant; soaps which do not disrupt the ideal pH level and do not contain harmful chemicals are more advisable by the professionals.

Genital darkening treatments

   Thanks to the technologic and medical improvements, there are many options for genital bleaching for those who would like to achieve a better and healthier look of their intimate parts; laser treatments are the most commonly opted procedures for genital darkening conditions today.

   Clinic Mono offers free online consultations for patients who would like to get more information about cosmetic procedures to improve the aesthetic and health of their genital areas; for further information, please visit and do not forget to fill out the free consultation form.

Recovery After Blepharoplasty

    Blepharoplasty is a very much demanded operation today for its successful results and easy procedure; many patients benefit from the advantages of this facial rejuvenation procedure for a more youthful look and more attractive glances.

   Eyes are the first part of body to reflect individual’s aura; therefore, any changes and deformations on the area around the eyes are very effective on the overall look of our face and consequently on our aura and self-esteem. With %90 success rate, blepharoplasty operation is really able to make differences for those suffer from aging effects on their face.

   One of the most commonly discussed point about almost all the facial rejuvenation procedures is the recovery process. While some facial rejuvenation procedures are non-surgical and there is no recovery period, after surgical ones, such as facelift or eyelid surgery, there is a certain recovery period that must be taken seriously. Surgical procedures are very efficient on having life-changing results but for the overall health of the patients and the success of the results, the approach to recovery period and the correct aftercare practices are very determinant. With adequate attention and care, recovery of eyelid surgery becomes very easy and comfortable for patients.

Timeline of blepharoplasty

   In the first 24 hours after the surgery, it is natural to experience blurry vision, mild pain, numbness, swelling and sensitivity; activities which can tire your eyes should be refrained, like watching TV or reading. To control swelling and other side effects, the head should be rested in an elevated position; your surgeon may advise you to sleep with multiple pillows for the early recovery period. Ice pack application is also efficient on minimizing the side effects and discomfort.

   By the end of your first week after the operation, it is still totally normal for swelling and sensitivity to still exist. In some cases, mild bruising may be continuing as well. To reduce the swelling, patients should keep using multiple pillows while resting and applying ice packs. Dehydration is important for a quick healing; therefore, patients are advised to drink lots of water. Alcohol consumption should be avoided for the first week. Activities requiring high vision, such as driving, should be avoided during first week as your vision can still be temporarily blurry.

   During 3-4 weeks after your blepharoplasty, you should avoid wearing make-up, contact lenses and sun exposure. Smoking should be refrained as it may extend the duration of full recovery. Heavy activities which may increase your blood pressure and swimming should be avoided.

Results of blepharoplasty

   Eyelid surgery results are visible when all the temporary side effects-especially swelling- disappear completely which takes approximately 2-3 months. Results are permanent and Many patients state that they are very satisfied with their overall eyelid surgery experience.

   In Clinic Mono, your eyelid surgery journey starts with an online consultation in which the knowledgeable and experienced medical consultants of Clinic Mono reply all your inquiries, inform you about the all-inclusive and affordable package details and create an individualized eyelid surgery plan for your specific condition. If you would like to get further information on blepharoplasty procedure, please visit and fill out the free consultation form.