Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Researches show that gastric sleeve surgery survival rate is 99.7%. Complications are quite rare and appear in less than 4% of the patients. All complications are treatable in today’s technological advances.

Firstly, it should be noted that Gastric sleeve surgery, in other terms gastric reduction surgery, is as safe as all other modern surgeries of the day; it is as safe as laparoscopic gallbladder or thyroid operations. The reason why we mention about this is the fact that we would like to explain that patients with indications should not be intimidated of the surgery because of real morbid obesity. It is for sure that gastric sleeve, which is a very efficient obesity surgery, is not a miracle, but a scientific treatment way. By this, we would like to explain that gastric sleeve surgery has risks as well, similar to all other surgical treatments, it is essential for the patient to get more information before the surgery and discuss about these risks with the doctor.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Surgical complications that may occur after Gastric sleeve surgery are not different from the complications which can occur after similar surgeries. Three of the most common complications are bleeding and partial opening of the sutures, and the leaking of stomach fluid or consumed liquid –solid food gets into the abdominal cavity, leakage and clot, embolism. 1% of leakage problem after Gastric sleeve surgery can be dangerous if the leakage is not treated by an experienced obesity surgeon. In that case, it can be treated by placing a catheter with a USG in the area of the infection occurs, and leakage can be repaired by endoscopically placing a bariatric stent. The patient can be operated on again If no development is obtained in persistent fistulas. Pulmonary embolism can also happen after obesity surgeries. Therefore, patients are prescribed blood thinners 12 hours before the surgery or 6 hours after surgery. Varicose socks are beneficial for High pressure above the knee. Patients start to perform the tube after 2-3 hours of stomach surgery to avoid a lung embolism. Partial extinction of part of the lung is another lung complication. To avoid this condition also called atelectasis, chest exercises with a Trifle blowing device exercise are done on an early gastric sleeve surgery.

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People who have had a partial or total gastric sleeve, up to 75 percent, may experience diarrhea since food gets quickly into the intestines. Side effects of Gastric sleeve surgery can be:

  • Trouble with food
  • Acid reflux or heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Bellyache
  • Roux syndrome

After this operation it may be difficult to get enough nutrients. This may cause to anemia, poor bone metabolism caused by inadequate calcium and vitamin D.

Between 10% and 20% of weight loss surgery patients are required to be checked-up after surgery. In procedures of digestive system, not only close monitoring, but also special nutrition and medications should be used in a lifetime-controlled. Gastric sleeve surgery risks, OC side effects, OC complications may result different risks and side effects. Death may very rarely occur depending on the technique. Special leg socks or blood thinners are necessary after the surgery. This is to reduce the blood clots risk after surgery.

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In this obesity surgery, wounds happen after the operation need time to heal. As these wounds heal, infection is possible. Bowel obstruction, small bowel constriction may happen in a person after weight loss operations are performed. This condition is a consequence of side effects that cause scar and slowing of blood flow in the site. Patients who are not careful with the doctor’s instructions and program after Gastric sleeve surgery can be at risk. It is for sure that the risks of Gastric sleeve surgery are not only the nutritional errors after gastric reduction surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery success rate is announced to be 95%. 4% of them gets through the surgery with mild side effects, while 1% of them confronts the risk of death from stomach reduction surgery.

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