Redland Gastric Sleeve


Redland Gastric Sleeve

The most successful Bristol Redland Gastric Sleeve treatments are achieving effective and quick results thanks to the experienced bariatric surgeons of Mono Obesity Surgery. Please get a free online consultation from our experienced medical consultants out more about the weight loss procedures and updated gastric sleeve prices of 2021.

Mono Obesity Surgery is proud to provide the best weight loss treatments with the most affordable prices; we are the number one choice of Bristol Redland Gastric Sleeve patients with the best gastric sleeve results and exclusive medical services.

Why should I have gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is the most popular weight loss treatment today, thanks to the advanced technology and high level medical techniques.

Weight loss with gastric sleeve is very quick and effective; Bristol Redland Gastric Sleeve is the safest and healthiest way for those who were not able to get rid of their excess weight with diet plans or exercises.

Gastric sleeve offers a very comfortable medical process; recovery is painless and results are quickly achieved.

Bristol Redland Gastric Sleeve aims to provide patients with much healthier eating habits by reducing the size of the stomach. Mono Obesity Surgery provides patients with nutritionist support until the final results are achieved.

Redland Gastric Sleeve

Redland is a very beautiful part of Bristol which has a lot to offer. It is popular with Whiteladies Road and Gloucester Road, so there are lots of independent stores, cafes and restaurants around which visitors can enjoy.

Bristol Redland Gastric Sleeve reviews of patients

“I was in Mono Obesity Surgery two months ago; it is still too early to talk about the results however I can see that it is really working for me. It all thanks to the expert and attentive team of mono, they are regularly checking on me to see my progress. And the recovery goes pretty well too, no discomfort at all. Thanks Mono!”

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“I was lucky enough to meet Mono while searching for the best weight loss treatment; the team is so professional and the procedure is very comfortable. I recommend!”

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