How Does Drinking Soda Affect the Process After Gastric Sleeve Surgery


The first and most important mistake made by patients is consumption of acidic carbonated drink after Gastric Sleeve Surgery. When drinking drink with sugar inside, it may feel good for a moment; however, thirst and hunger feelings are inevitable in the following. Instead of drinks with sugar inside, it is better to prefer natural drinks such as milk, mineral water, lemonade, home-made sugar-free drinks.

Drinking water 2-3 liters per day support the burning of body fat; body cannot match its needs when with any less water. Body holds even a glass of water; makes edema, blocks urination and therefore losing weight becomes difficult.

When urine color is yellow and dense, this means that the person drinks inadequate amount of water. It is important to follow the nutrition plan not only for that is compulsory but actually patient make that their lifestyle and drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day.

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If patients do not pay attention to their nutrition after Gastric sleeve surgery they will not be able to lose weight as quickly as they want after the surgery; patients may experience problems related to stomach or even lose the ability to feel full quickly if the stomach expands.

After gastric sleeve operations, patients should be careful with the nutrients they take and the amount of them. Patients who had gastric sleeve surgery should also be careful with their fluid intake; water or other liquids should not be consumed for 30-minutes before and after meals. Another factor that patients should be careful with is eating in small portions of food.

Patients can consume any food during the recovery period after surgery, but it is important to avoid sugary, fatty and generally multi-calorie foods; they should refrain eating snacks between meals. These habits, which seem unimportant, can turn into a regular habit over time and interfere the patients’ weight loss progression.

Patients who had gastric sleeve surgery should regularly calculate the calories of the food they ate. Although, they eat only small proportions, if what they eat has excess calories, it may disrupt weight loss. Carbonated, sugary, acidic or cream drinks should not be preferred after gastric sleeve surgery. It should be acknowledged that these can make the stomach uncomfortable and their calories are high.

From the fourth day after surgery, after completely liquid foods can be tolerated by the stomach, patients can consume soup, yogurt, milk-melted biscuits, providing grains are completely crushed and there is no roughness in them.

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It is essential to eat these for the first 2 weeks, which are crushed or mashed and turned into a more liquid with milk, water, tea. During this process, it is advised to consume powdered protein supplements with liquids; still it is adequate to have a few tablespoons of them, and it should be spread to the day; any more than this would be harmful to body. In this period, carbonated and acidic drinks like cola or soda should be refrained; actually it is necessary to take them out from our lives for good for a healthy lifestyle. Because the stomach of those who had gastric sleeve surgery becomes different, when a small discomfort is experienced in the stomach, patients should stop eating and drinking. After gastric sleeve surgery, it is suitable for patients who complete the 2 weeks’ period without any problems to start to consume pureed feeding.

Small wounds or discomforts which occurred in the stomach pouch during surgery heal in 2 weeks. Therefore, soft or semi-solid foods can be conveniently consumed when in small portions. In this period, it is best to focus on protein-rich foods. Because taking only liquid and semi-liquid foods during the last 2 weeks can make the body and metabolism, weaker; protein is necessary to recover. But then again, fatty, salty, sugary foods are strictly not advised; these nutrients are hard to digest.

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In this sense, all the foods allowed in the liquid nutrition plan crushed soft-boiled eggs, fat-free cheese, pureed fruits and vegetables, baby food can conveniently be eaten. The third week after the surgery, when it also passed smoothly, boiled vegetables can be consumed by mashed. Portions of them should not exceed a glass of water.

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