Weight Loss Sleeve Cost

Weight loss sleeve surgery is a reasonable step for many people who have tried exercise and diet programs without success. Affordable Gastric Sleeve turkey A weight loss surgery turkey or other forms of weight loss surgery may help you lose weight while improving your overall health. The total cost of the weight loss sleeve surgery includes more than just the procedure.

Stomach Sleeve Cost

A stomach sleeve is a restrictive procedure to remove a portion of your stomach. This surgery’s cost depends on many things, such as where you live, clinics’ quality, patients’ health condition, and doctors’ experience. You can ask a question about the cost of stomach sleeve surgery to the clinics.

Affordable Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve surgery is about a few small incisions. This surgery is performed laparoscopically by removing 80 percent of the stomach. Almost every clinic offers a different gastric sleeve cost because of the quality, location, and condition. For the most affordable gastric surgery, you may need to travel to get it.

Sleeve Weight Loss

If diets and exercises have not work on you, or you even struggle with severe health conditions related to your excessive weight, there are many options to consider. One option for people to find a solution to their problem is sleeve weight loss surgery. Be examined to see if you are a good candidate or not for this surgery.

Bristol Montpelier Gastric Sleeve
Bristol Montpelier Gastric Sleeve

Weight Loss Sleeve Cost

Sleeve weight loss surgery is performed laparoscopically by removing 80 percent of the stomach to hold much less food. Your choice of clinic and doctor affects the weight loss sleeve surgery cost.

A Gastric Sleeve

Doctors perform a gastric sleeve by shrinking your stomach. Thus, you cannot eat as much food as you used to. It is done through a small cut in the laparoscopic method. A gastric sleeve is a bariatric procedure that is established stand-alone.



Gastric Sleeve Clinics

Gastric sleeve surgery is a stomach reduction process. It is applied for people who have eating habits that they cannot stop, health problems, diet and exercise problems. Many clinics offer diagnosis and treatment services in gastric sleeve surgery but contact the gastric sleeve clinics to get more information about their system.

Sleeve Procedure for Weight Loss

Gastric sleeve procedure for weight loss is a surgical procedure that reduces weight loss by restricting the amount of food you consume. The stomach takes the shape of a tube after the surgery to help loss of weight. The procedure is short, but the recovery takes almost 2 – 3 weeks.

Gastric Sleeve Doctors Near Me

Before you decide which clinic you will go to for gastric sleeve, you should consider their doctors’ experience and before after photos. Especially gastric sleeve doctors in your area play an essential role in your clinic choice.

Gastric Sleeve Clinics

There are many different options for weight loss surgery. The most commonly performed and known is gastric sleeve surgery. There are also many gastric sleeve clinics, but you should compare their prices, experiences, services, and more to find the best among them. To get more information about the clinics, contact them.

Gastric Sleeve Procedure Cost

Gastric sleeve procedure is applied by removing 80 percent of the stomach. It restricts the amount of food you consume as well as affecting your regular life. It is a permanent operation, and it leaves a permanent effect such as a healthier life. Gastric sleeve procedure cost changes according to the patients’ clinic choice.

Gastric Sleeve Price

The gastric sleeve price depends on your choice of clinic. Consult before you go, and get to know what is best for you and what they are offering. Many of the clinics provide every service but contact them to make sure.

Gastrisk Sleeve

The significant purpose of gastric sleeve surgery is to help the patient lose weight fast. Therefore, doctors recommend gastric sleeve operation to obese patients. Also, people with a body mass index above 40 can benefit from gastric sleeve surgery. Thanks to gastric sleeve surgery, patients who have difficulty losing weight can lose weight more quickly.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve

In vertical gastric sleeve surgery, doctors first apply general anesthesia to the patient. Doctors then make a few holes in the patient’s abdomen for a camera and surgical instruments. Doctors perform the surgery by inserting the tools through the holes. Doctors cut most of the patient’s stomach during surgery.

Abdominal Sleeve

Doctors send a tube to the patient’s abdomen before surgery. After surgery, doctors remove this tube from the patient’s abdomen. This object only helps the doctor to cut the patient’s stomach more efficiently during the surgery.

Therefore, patients do not live with an object in their abdomen.

Gastrisk Sleeve

Patients do not eat any food for two days after surgery. After that, patients only consume liquid and puree for one month. After one month, patients can consume solid foods. However, patients should have a healthy diet.

Stomach Sleeve

Patients have to diet after surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery helps patients to adopt a healthy diet. Patients who do not diet may not be able to lose weight. Even patients can gain weight. Therefore, patients should make it a habit to consume healthy foods.

Gastric Sleeve Is It Safe

Gastric sleeve surgery carries the same low risks as all other surgeries. Therefore, gastric sleeve surgery does not involve any risk. After gastric sleeve surgery, patients also get rid of some diseases related to obesity condition. Gastric sleeve surgery treats obesity-related diseases. Also, Gastric sleeve surgery does not cause any permanent illness.


Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery provides the most successful surgical stomach sleeve operations for the years, for patients of Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve. For more information on the cost of the new gastric sleeve for 2021, feel free to contact us via free online consultation.

In Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve, highly trained and professional bariatric surgeons have an amazing ability to quickly provide weight loss to the overweight patients by offering the safest and healthy procedure for obesity.

What are the benefits of stomach sleeve operation?

Patients with obesity face many problems in their lives. Increased physical wellbeing and psychological health will, thanks to the stomach sleeve surgery, be accomplished within a very brief period of time.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey
Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve operations are very effective and smooth; patient can continue with their light daily routines at the same day. During the recovery process there is no discomfort and pain.

Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve plays an important part in improving patients’ dietary habits. Lowering the stomach size restricts patients’ food consumption and therefore decreases weight.

Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve

At the top of Southville’s streets you will find some of the best views of Bristol’s popular colorful houses. Do not forget to look up and down every side of the streets you’re going down, since you never know if you’re going to see a great street art.

Bristol Southville Gastric Sleeve reviews from patients

“Obesity is a serious condition affecting every aspect of life; before I had my gastric sleeve, I was suffering from hearth diseases and high blood pressure. But I lost 58 kg with gastric sleeve and today I feel good and healthy. It all thanks to mono obesity clinic.”

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in turkey
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“I have talked to many obesity clinics before I booked my operation with mono but mono offered me the best information about weight loss procedures and the prices was much cheaper. I am very glad I had my operation with them, I lost 61 kg with gastric sleeve and I am so happy with my results.”

gastric sleeve
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Gastric Sleeve and Bypass

Gastric sleeve and bypass are popular surgeries for obesity surgery. The common feature of gastric sleeve turkey and bypass is that they are closed surgery. Doctors make only a few holes in the patient’s abdomen and manage the entire surgery through these holes. Through these holes, the doctor inserts a camera and a different unique surgical tool. Thus, the doctor performs the surgery by seeing the patient’s internal organs.

Bypass and Sleeve

In gastric sleeve surgery, the doctor cuts a large part of the patient’s stomach.

bariatric surgery istanbul
bariatric surgery istanbul

The patients lose weight by eating fewer thanks to the small stomach. For this reason, the patients do not have the desire to overeat.

Gastric Bypass and Sleeve

Doctors also cut off the appetite zone in the patient’s stomach. Therefore, the patient feels less hungry. Even if the patients eat little, they feel full. Thus, the patient can diet more efficiently. Nevertheless, the patient must diet after gastric sleeve and bypass.

Gastric Sleeve and Bypass

In bypass surgery, the doctor cuts a large part of the stomach, similar to gastric sleeve surgery. In this surgery, the doctor does not remove the cut stomach from the patient’s body and reroutes the intestines. On the contrary, in gastric sleeve surgery, the doctor removes the stomach part from the patients’ body.

Sleeve of Gastric Bypass

In bypass surgery, the doctor connects the stomach and intestine shorter. Thus, this process reduces the patient’s food absorption. Therefore, the patient loses weight more quickly. On the other hand, gastric sleeve surgery does not reduce the patient’s food absorption.

Gastric Bypass Eller Sleeve

Patients should consult their physicians to decide which surgery is suitable for them. Doctors examine patients. Then they explain the possible results to the patients and recommend the appropriate weight-loss method for the patient. After the doctor’s examination, the patients make the final decision themselves.


Intragastric Balloon England

Many people need to lose weight quickly for different reasons, such as health problems caused by obesity. In this case, the intragastric balloon procedure helps patients to lose weight fast. The intragastric balloon is not a surgery because doctors do not make any holes in the patient.

Intragastric balloon Manchester

Doctors insert a balloon into the patient’s stomach without a hole in the patient’s body. Patients do not feel different from a standard endoscopy during this procedure. Then, the doctors inflate the balloon to a certain extent, and this balloon covers a large part of the stomach. In this way, patients have to consume less food because their stomachs cannot store more food.

Saline Balloon Weight Loss

Doctors put the balloon on the patient’s stomach, deflated it during the intragastric balloon procedure. Then the doctors inflate the balloon by adding saline solution into the balloon. This procedure takes less time than most obesity surgeries. Also, patients do not suffer after the intragastric balloon procedure. At the end of 6-12 months from the process, doctors remove this balloon from the patient’s stomach. After the 12th month, the patient needs to follow the diet program to stay thin. If the patient is malnourished, the patient can regain weight. The patient will have the same gap at the end of 12 months. Therefore patients can get hungry, but they must go on a diet.

Intragastric Balloon Cost

To find out the intragastric balloon fees, patients should contact the hospital’s communication options. Patients can get the best information by contacting the clinics. If patients can come to the clinics, they will get the best information from a face-to-face examination; howeever online consultations are also very effective.

Gastric balloon cost near me

At the hospital, doctors can offer patients other options to lose weight. Patients can also consider these options. Thus, patients can have a lot of information about the intragastric balloon procedure and treatment options around them.

Stomach balloon near me

The stomach balloon procedure is performed very commonly today; please contact us to get information about the most successful stomach balloon treatments.



Gastric balloon London

The gastric balloon is a type of balloon produced using silicone materials. It is placed in the stomach by physicians with the endoscopy technique. It is one of the techniques used in the fight against obesity. This is used for patients with a body mass index of 25 and above.

gastric balloons near me

It is used in patients who cannot tolerate obesity surgeries and patients who do not want to undergo obesity surgeries. It is also one of the preferred methods for patients who need to lose weight. Gastric balloon london there are lots of options around the world for gastric balloon procedure.

balloon procedure for weight loss

Thanks to the gastric balloon placed in the stomach, patients consume much less than the rate of food they eat. Thus, they can go through a faster slimming process. Patients with gastric balloons attached, which are very effective in reaching the ideal weight, can be saturated with smaller portions. Another important point here is that the foods consumed should be directed to foods with fewer calorie values.

gastric balloon

Gastric balloons can remain in the stomach for up to a year. In the meantime, the patient may have a more balanced diet, they may have less trouble reaching their ideal weight, and they can provide the weight they need to lose for other obesity surgeries faster and easier. Gastric balloons, which greatly contribute to weight loss, have a much simpler procedure than bariatric stomach operations.

bariatric balloon cost

It would not be right to inform the gastric balloon pricing directly on the internet because it is very difficult to give an exact price due to the balloons in different options used in this process.

Gastric Balloon London

Besides, the equipment used by the doctor who performs this procedure also affects the pricing.

gastric balloon near me

If you have a few questions about the gastric balloon in your mind, it will be much more comprehensive to get information from your doctor at the nearest hospital.



gastric balloon weight loss

The gastric balloon weight loss process, which we have frequently heard, is easy to apply and less challenging than other bariatric surgery operations.  In this way, patients prefer it highly. If you have weight loss in mind and want to use a gastric balloon, you can get the necessary information by consulting your doctor.

non invasive gastric balloon

Stomach balloons are of two types. The prices of these substances, which are classified as liquid gastric balloons and gastric air balloons, are small quantities of marbles, depending on this standard. Apart from this, of course, the clinic, the physician, and the origin, as we mentioned, will affect the prices.

balloon operation to lose weight

Clinically, a gastric balloon is considered a direct effect since it causes a decrease in the stomach’s inner volume. Although it varies depending on the person’s current weight, it is possible to reach an average of 15-20 weight loss.

gastric balloon weight loss

As we have stated, we cannot determine exactly how much weight you will lose because the weight that a 200 kilo super obese will lose with this treatment will be different from the weight that a morbidly obese person in the range of 100-130 kilograms will lose. The criterion here is; clinical trials, the concrete situation that has taken place so far, and the comments made by those who have had gastric balloon surgery.

gastric balloon procedure near me

If you want to get more detailed information about gastric balloon weight loss, it is best to consult your physician first. Because it is possible for those who wear a gastric balloon to weaken; if a conscious process is not provided, it may be possible to encounter situations whose consequences may be undesired.

intragastric balloon near me

Never act with the advice or application service of any person or institution other than professional physicians. Although it is useful to listen to the people who have received service, the primary source of information; is physicians.




Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

Obesity, which is described as the disease of the age, brings significant risks to our lives every day, from cancer to vascular occlusion. Of course, the only reason for the obesity problem, which brings many complaints such as not conceiving, diabetes, or high blood pressure, is not only overeating. Diseases, drugs used, malnutrition, and genetic sequence are among the various causes of obesity.

The steadily increasing number of obese around the world have the attention of both the government and the medical world. Today, many bariatric surgery methods are available, and every day thousands of people resort to bariatric surgery methods to get rid of their excess weight. Stomach reduction surgeries are also one of the most successful operations performed in obesity surgery. in Turkey the best obesity surgeons perform weight loss surgeries, and we will give you information about weight loss surgery Turkey.

What weight loss surgery is the safest?

Since weight loss surgeries have varieties, there are some risks or complications in each method. For example, gall bladder stone formation may occur due to rapid weight loss in obesity surgeries. However, the probability of this is extremely low.

Each type of bariatric surgery has its benefits and drawbacks. The surgeon recommends the type of surgery based on the health and needs of the person. All surgeries carry a particular risk. Restrictive surgeries are safer than restrictive/absorbent surgeries as they do not permanently interfere with the digestive system.

What weight loss surgery is most effective?

At this point, what matters is finding the most effective for you. Your doctor will recommend the most suitable surgery for you in weight-loss surgeries and will perform the most appropriate surgery. If you want to get information about the right surgery for you, please contact us for consulting to our experienced obesity doctors.






Best Weight Loss Surgery Doctors in Turkey

In all obesity surgeries, you must first inform our anesthesiologist about your smoking and alcohol habits. Quitting smoking five days before the operation day and consuming alcohol ten days before the operation will provide you with a more comfortable process during the operation. Take a bath or warm shower before surgery. This reduces the chance of infection. Inform your doctor about other diseases (diabetes, blood pressure, etc.) and all medications you use during the surgery preparation period. Remember that some medications may need to be stopped for a certain period before surgery. Report any allergic conditions, if any. You have to fast for about 8 hours before the operation. If you smoke, you should quit at least a week before. This will be your first step towards a healthy life.

Which weight loss surgery should I choose ?

After all this, it remains to decide which surgery to do. Weight loss surgeries have two important types: Gastric bypass surgery and Sleeve gastrectomy. The most preferred is sleeve gastrectomy, because, with this surgery, the stomach volume is significantly reduced, and the appetite decreases with it. Patients go through an extremely natural and healthy weight loss process. In gastric bypass surgery, a connection is made between the stomach and small intestine. After this surgery, food goes out without touching the intestine with 12 fingers. Therefore, it prevents foods from forming fat in the body.

Where can I get weight loss surgery ?


Due to improved health technologies, select countries began to take place in Turkey in the recent period. At the same time, tourism destination as well as being the most preferred country for this type of medical operations in Turkey. If you want a slimming surgery operation, you can perform your surgery with the best weight loss surgery doctors in Turkey. Also, a quite fair number of people who prefer to have their operation in Turkey increase as time goes by because of having cheap accommodation and operations fees.





Cost of Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a serious medical condition which leads many other diseases and decreases the life quality of the patient in a huge rate. Gladly, the medical techniques and technologies used for the weight loss treatments are very improved today. Weight loss surgeries are able to give very permanent and satisfactory results.

One of the most important points while searching for a suitable weight loss surgery is the prices; there are some important aspects which are effective on the cost of weight loss surgery.

Important aspects about the cost of weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgeries are very well-demanded and performed all around the world; the abundance on the number of the practice has led the operation to be an important subject of medical tourism. It is now very common for patients to seek for the treatments abroad because of the more affordable cost of weight loss surgery and higher level of expertise.

weight loss surgeries
weight loss surgeries

The country of the weight loss surgery is highly determinant on the cost of weight loss surgery; because of the different economic conditions of different countries like the currency rates, labor and daily life costs, clinics in different countries do not have the same cost of weight loss surgery. Turkey is one of the most affordable countries for weight loss surgeries with the low currency rate and low medical and daily life costs.

Another significant aspect on the cost of weight loss surgery is the type of the surgery; there are many types of surgical and non-surgical weight loss procedures and each of them has different medical requirements. Depending on the most suitable weight loss surgery for the patient’s individual condition, cost of weight loss surgery can change.

Package cost of weight loss surgery

The most convenient way to have a weight loss surgery abroad for an international patient is to choose a clinic which offers treatment packages; cost of weight loss surgery can also change depending on the package details like the accommodation, meals, transfers or more. How inclusive the weight loss surgery package is and how quality the services included in the package are affect the cost of weight loss surgery.

Contact Mono Obesity Surgery and book your weight loss surgery with the cheapest and all-inclusive package cost of weight loss surgery; our experienced medical consultants are ready to inform you more about the procedures online and initiate your weight loss journey in Turkey.

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London Westminster Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery provides London Westminster Gastric Sleeve weight loss process with talented surgeons experience and healthful, speedy and consistent patient-focused performance. Ask us now; get a free online consultation for additional information on 2021 gastric sleeve procedure price. Cheap and reliable weight loss surgery in Turkey.

Mono Obesity Surgery has highly skilled and talented obesity surgeons for London Westminster Gastric Sleeve treatments with quick and successful weight loss results.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a revolutionary procedure which offers very impressive results to patients who are unable to meet their goals by diet or training. Gastric Sleeve uses the latest technologies and innovative approaches of treatment.

Gastric sleeve is completely painless; anesthesia is performed and advanced surgical procedures enable the patients to conveniently complete the healing. Mild side effects will be gone after a few days’ time.

Gastric Sleeve’s basic goal is to establish new eating habits; patients are full with less calories after surgery. Treatments for obesity can to control obesity-related medical problems, including diabetes, heart problems or blood pressure.

Results of Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve method has long-lasting results.

Custom nutrition programs developed by professional Mono Obesity Surgery nutritionists, are given to London Westminster Gastric Sleeve patients, that are crucial for the smooth healing and safety of outcomes.

London Westminster Gastric Sleeve

Being in the heart of London, Westminster is a very famous and visited part of the city. Historically and the architecturally, Westminster is in a very important status. Visitors of Westminster should definitely see National Gallery and Trafalgar Square.

Patient Reviews of Gastric Sleeve

“For my gastric sleeve, I was in Mono Obesity Surgery nearly 10 months ago. I have lost 39 kilograms so far and I feel much happier already. I would surely suggest the treatment and clinic to everyone looking for a quality and effective obesity treatment.”

cost for gastric balloon
gastric sleeve turkey, gastric balloon prices europe, obesity clinic, bmi clinic, weight loss surgery prices

“Gastric sleeve has improved not only my health and appearance but also my self-confidence. I lost 52 kg with the operation. I am so thankful for my results; Mono Obesity Surgery has made the process so easy for me.”

gastric sleeve turkey
gastric sleeve turkey, gastric balloon prices europe, obesity clinic, bmi clinic, weight loss surgery prices

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London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery performes the best London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve weight loss operations with many years of experience and healthy, fast and consistent patient-oriented performance. Please ask us now; get the 2021 gastric sleeve cost online.

The professional and qualified doctors of obesity at Mono Obesity Surgery present quick and effective results for the medical treatments of London Camden Gastric Sleeve.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a revolutionary process that gives patients magnificient results that they cannot obtain by diet or training. Gastric Sleeve features the latest technological innovations and state-of-the-art techniques of treatment.

Gastric sleeve is efficient and simple; sedation is carried out and the patients are able to recover safely thanks to the advanced techniques. Minor side effects are gone in a few days after gastric sleeve.

Weight Loss Surgery

Great Offer Weight Loss Surgery! Contact Us For Free Diagnosis, 18 Years Experience More Than 8,000 Happy Patients, We Use Latest Technology, Aftercare Warranty, 100% Painless Procedure, Global Reputation, 12 Years Experience,

After Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve procedure is irreversible and has long-term results.

Unique diet programs, which are necessary for complete recovery and wellness, are created for London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve patients by certified Mono Obesity Surgery nutrition specialists.

London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve

Wandsworth is one of the most attractive suburbs of London; you can walk around or visit the gardens of Battersea Park or have a cultural day in Theatre 503. Do not forget to visit Royal Victoria Building if you would like to add some drama and gothic to your journey.

Obesity Patients London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve Reviews

“Gastric sleeve helped me to lose 55 kg within a year; I must say I still cannot believe the magnificent results. Mono Obesity Surgery team was so kind and helpful to me; we are still in touch. Thank you for everything!”

Weight loss surgery
gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, botox cost, gastric sleeve cost, gastric bypass surgery cost, gastric balloon cost uk

“I had my gastric sleeve 2 years ago; I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. I got rid of obesity related medical problems along with my excess weight after the operation. Thank you Mono Obesity for this life-changing experience.”

gastric balloon cost uk
gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, botox cost, gastric sleeve cost, gastric bypass surgery cost, gastric balloon cost uk


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London Islington Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery offers a weight losing treatment for London Islington Gastric Sleeve with 20 years of talented surgeon experience and good, fast and reliable outcomes that are accepted by high numbers of patients. Call us now; get a free online consultation for more information on the 2021 gastric sleeve treatment prices.

Mono Obesity Surgery offers fast and effective weight loss by highly trained and talented obesity surgeons for Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

What is Gastric Sleeve used for?

Gastric sleeve is an innovative surgical treatment that offers very promising outcomes to patients who could not achieve their target weight by diets or workouts. London Islington Gastric Sleeve uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest modern treatment methods.

Gastric sleeve is entirely painless; anesthesia is carried out and patients can safely complete the recovery process due to advanced surgical techniques. In a few days, moderate side effects disappear.

The primary purpose of Gastric Sleeve is to improve dietary habits; with operation, patients satiated with less calories. Obesity curing treatments are also useful for treating medical conditions associated with obesity such as diabetes or blood pressure.

Gastric Sleeve London Islington Results

The method of gastric sleeve provides life-long outcomes.

The custom diet plans made by trained nutritionists of Mono Obesity Surgery are given to patients of London Islington Gastric Sleeve; they are useful for a smooth recovery and protection of outcomes.

London Islington Gastric Sleeve

Known for Emirates Stadium and Canal Museum, Islington is situated in the inner London and receive many visitors through the year.

Gastric Sleeve Patients Reviews

“I had been in Mono Obesity Surgery almost 1 year ago for my gastric sleeve; I can admit that I was not expecting the procedure to be this comfortable and results to be this quick. So far I’ve lost 53 kilograms and now I feel so much better. I’d certainly recommend the procedure and the clinic.”

weight loss surgery prices

“I feel more like myself after my gastric sleeve although now I look like a new guy; I lost 44 kg after gastric sleeve. Thank you for the good procedure Mono Obesity Surgery and all your attention throughout the journey”

gastric balloon cost uk
gastric bypass surgery cost

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London Hounslow Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery provides London Hounslow Gastric Sleeve weight loss procedures with 20 years of experience of the talented surgeons and successful, quick and efficient results approved by the high number of patients. Contact us now; get a free online consultation for further information about the procedure and gastric sleeve 2021 costs.

Mono Obesity Surgery guarantees a quick and efficient weight loss for London Hounslow Gastric Sleeve treatments performed by fully qualified and talented bariatric surgeons.

Why should I have Gastric Sleeve Hounslow?

Gastric sleeve is an advanced medical procedure which provides very good and satisfactory results for patient who were not able to reach their target weight with diets or exercises. London Hounslow Gastric Sleeve uses the latest technology and the most improved techniques for the treatments.

Gastric sleeve is completely pain-free; it is performed under anesthesia and the improved medical techniques allow patients to go through the recovery period very comfortably. Side effects are very mild and disappear within a few days.

Gastric sleeve’s main aim is to change the eating habits; patients feel satiety with less food after the operation. Curing obesity is also efficient on treating the obesity related diseases like diabetes, blood pressure or heart diseases.

Is Gastric Sleeve permanent?

Gastric sleeve procedure gives permanent results.

London Hounslow Gastric Sleeve patients are provided with custom-made nutrition plans created by professional nutritionists of Mono Obesity Surgery; these plans are beneficial for a smooth recovery and preserving the results. Obesity Surgery in Turkey offers.

Gastric Sleeve Hounslow London

Hounslow is a peaceful and lovely part of London; while visiting Hounslow, it is advisable to see Bedfont Lakes Country Park and have a peaceful walk in the nature.

Gastric Sleeve Patients Reviews

“It has been almost a year after my gastric sleeve in Mono Obesity Surgery; I can say I am surprised how comfortable the whole process was. I lost 42 kg so far and I feel much better about myself now. I would definitely recommend the treatment and the clinic.”

affordable obesity clinics
gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, botox cost, gastric sleeve cost, gastric bypass surgery cost, gastric balloon cost uk

“I lost 66 kg after gastric sleeve; though I look like a totally different person now, I feel more like myself. Thank you Mono Obesity Surgery for the successful treatment and all of your attention through the process.”

Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery


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London Hammersmith Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery provides medical procedures of London Hammersmith Gastric Sleeve with many years of professional surgeon practice and successful, simple and accurate results that are recognized by a vast number of patients. Get in touch with our clinic; get a free online evaluation and find out further on 2021 gastric sleeve treatment costs.

Mono Obesity Surgery offers fast and efficient weight loss treatment for Gastric Sleeve Hammersmith London by extremely talented and dedicated obesity doctors.

Why Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a pioneering procedure for patients who cannot reach their desired weight by diet plans and work outs that promises extremely efficient results. London Hammersmith Gastric Sleeve uses high tech devices and state-of-the-art treatment approaches.

Hammersmith London Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve is fully safe; anesthesia is performed during the procedure, and modern medical methods enable patients to safely complete the recovery time. Minimal side effects will be gone in a couple of days after the operation.

Effective Results of Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve technique has permanent effects.

Specific diet plans developed by knowledgeable Mono Obesity nutritionists is given to London Hammersmith Gastric Sleeve patients, to reassure a smooth healing and preservation of outcomes.

London Hammersmith Gastric Sleeve

Hammersmith is a nice district in London near the river; this area is mostly visited for its Hammersmith Apollo and Lyric Hammersmith. Ravenscourt Park is also in this area.

Stomach reduction London

Patient Reviews for London Hammersmith Gastric Sleeve

“Deciding on a medical procedure always takes courage; however, gastric sleeve is totally worth it. I have lost 67 kg with this amazing operation and I still cannot believe that. Everything in my life is much easier now; walking, running, climbing stairs… Thank you Mono Obesity Surgery for changing my life!”

weight loss surgery prices

“Mono Obesity Surgery was very attentive and helpful from the start to the end. I had gastric sleeve with them 6 months ago. There is still time for my final results but I already lost a significant amount of weight. Recovery is not hard at all too. I am very glad I made this decision.”

gastric sleeve uk
how much is a gastric sleeve, gastric botox, london gastric botox, gastric sleeve prices uk

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London Camden Gastric Sleeve

With 20-years’ experience and a healthy, accelerated, consistent patient-focused performance, Mono Obesity Surgery offers the best London Camden Gastric Sleeve weight loss processes. Please ask us now; get a free online consultation and get info about the 2021 gastric sleeve procedure price.

Mono Obesity Surgery’s competent and skilled obesity doctors achieve quick and successful weight loss outcomes for London Camden Gastric Sleeve treatments.

Gastric Sleeve Camden London Advantages

Gastric sleeve is a groundbreaking procedure that gives patients excellent outcomes who can’t achieve their goals via diet or training. London Camden Gastric Sleeve utilizes cutting-edge technology and modern treatment strategies and techniques.

Gastric sleeve is quick and easy; it is done under anesthesia and developed procedures allow patients to accomplish healing safely. In a couple of days after gastric sleeve, minor side effects will be gone.

Gastric Sleeve London Results

The technique of gastric sleeve has long-term impacts.

Special diet programs are given to London Camden Gastric Sleeve patients by trained Mono Obesity Surgery in Turkey dietitians; these plans are essential to full recovery and well-being.

London Camden Gastric Sleeve

Camden is a lively part of London with all the street life; visitors are amazed by all the shops, street art and lively bars. You can visit Camden Market, Jewish Museum and walk near the Regent’s Canal to have a nice day in Camden.

London Camden Gastric Sleeve Reviews from Mono Obesity Patients

“I never thought I could give 49 kg with any weight loss treatment; however, thanks to gastric sleeve, I have done this and had a much healthier life. I am so glad I have chosen Mono Obesity Surgery for my treatment, they were there for me throughout the process.”

Gastric Sleeve-Surgery In Turkey
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“For those who can’t lose weight with exercises and diets, I totally recommend gastric sleeve treatments in Mono Obesity Surgery. My life has completely changed; I do not suffer from high blood pressure anymore. I look and feel much better.”

london gastric botox
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Stomach Reduction Turkey

Stomach reduction in Turkey specialists with years of experience in action
Stomach reduction in turkey
Surgical interventions are described with stomach reduction, with which severe obesity is to be reduced. This generally reduces the volume of the stomach. Experience indicates that the symptoms associated with being overweight, such as high blood pressure and increased blood lipid levels, can be normalized. Surgery to treat this obesity is often an option if other methods fail to reduce weight. Special clinics in Turkey are characterized by the fact that the operations are not only of the highest quality, but also that the costs of a stomach reduction are significantly lower than in UK.

A stomach reduction is a medical intervention against pathological obesity and the resulting illnesses. In order to reduce weight, the stomach is surgically made smaller. The aim is to reduce food intake in this way in order to provide the body with less superfluous food. The various surgical methods can now all be carried out with minimal risk.

Stomach Reduction Surgery in Turkey

This procedure has a long tradition in Turkey. However, before a stomach reduction is performed, certain requirements must be met. This includes a body mass index (BMI) of over 40kg / m² for men and between 35 and 40kg / m² for rough ones. Because of their weight, those affected already suffer from diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, etc.

Get Slim Surgery in Turkey

There are different types of intervention. In Turkey, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric band variants have prevailed. All the methods mentioned are performed under general anesthesia and the so-called keyhole technique, which no longer requires large abdominal incisions. As a non-operative variant, gastric botox receives a lot of attention, especially from spontaneously determined people.

How much stomach reduction surgery cost in Turkey?












£8,000 to £15,000

















Gastric Balloon turkey
gastric sleeve surgery cost
gastric sleeve surgery

Sustainable dream figure only in connection with physical activity
Gastric surgery can cause the patient to lose considerable weight. Within two years, the various obesity surgical interventions can lead to the patient’s ideal figure.

Stomach Reduction Surgery in Turkey Of course, the result ultimately always depends on the patient’s motivation. The specialists in Turkey not only point out during the detailed preliminary discussion that the procedure must be actively supported by the patient. Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey That’s why they give him an individual nutrition plan on the flight home. In combination with physical activity, the chances of success on the desired figure will increase.

The bigger the intervention, the more effective it is. At the same time, however, the possible complications increase. Stomach reduction is not a trivial procedure and some patients gain weight again. Finally, even a small stomach can be tricked with high-calorie porridge and liquids.


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London Richmond Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery is offered by Gastric Sleeve procedure London Richmond; providing fast and healthy weight loss with 20 years of experience and knowledge approved by previous patients’ gastric sleeve reviews. For up-to-date information on the cost of gastric sleeve in 2021, please get in touch with us and get an online consultation.

London Richmond Gastric Sleeve is done by the most skilled obesity surgeon; the procedure guarantees pain-free, fast, healthy and non-surgical weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve in Richmond Advantages

Gastric sleeve is for losing weight fast by reducing the stomach capacity for food with highly developed medical techniques. London Richmond Gastric Sleeve treatments are very advanced and, thanks to many years of experience and improved medical techniques, provide successful weight loss procedure results for gastric sleeve treatments.

With gastric sleeve, patients lose quickly and healthily in contrast to the constant diets and exercises which often affects the motivation reversely. Patients do not feel any pain during gastric sleeve and gastric sleeve healing is very easy. Side effects of the gastric sleeve treatment are quite low thanks to the improved medical techniques.

London Richmond Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve can also treat obesity-related illnesses such as problems with mobility, high blood pressure, diabetes, diseases related to the heart and others. Gastric sleeve has a very high success rate and patients reach their target weight in 1 year after the procedure.

Richmond, England, is a pretty Thames-side town with stately architecture, passing rowers, great shops and dining, along with easy access to central London. It is a place well worth visiting and a good place to live. Living in Richmond Upon Thames, UK, on and off since 2001 has given us fantastic opportunities, good friends, and wonderful experiences.

Gastric Sleeve Disadvantages

Gastric sleeve is a successful operation which does not have much disadvantages; still patients should know that this procedure is not reversible.

Patients are highly advised to have a healthy life style after gastric sleeve to prevent from getting back to their old weight and preserve their results. With the personalized nutrition plans offered for London Richmond Gastric Sleeve treatments in turkey, it is very easy to protect the results of the gastric sleeve without effort.

Gastric Sleeve London Richmond

Richmond is a lovely and peaceful part of London. With many attractive touristic spots like Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens and Richmond Park, this beautiful town receives many visitors and a popular destination for medical tourism practices.

Gastric Sleeve Patients Reviews in London

“I’ve lost 47 kg with gastric sleeve surgery with Mono Obesity Surgery. I can safely say that the operation was very smooth and pain-free. They have changed my life; I re-gained my confidence and health. Thanks Mono Obesity Surgery”

gastric botox, london
london gastric sleeve

“Before I lost weight with gastric sleeve, I was having hardship while breathing. I have lost 62 kg with gastric sleeve and my life quality has improved significantly. I am very thankful for my weight loss experience with Mono Obesity Surgery.”

Weight loss surgery
gastric sleeve surgery

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Gastric sleeve London Kingston treatments offered by Mono Obesity Surgery provide rapid and healthy weight loss with 20 years of experience and expertise approved by the gastric sleeve reviews from the prior patients. In order to get an updated information on Gastric sleeve cost 2021 please contact us and ask all of your questions in our website.

London Kingston gastric sleeve is performed by the most talented bariatric surgeon; the procedure offers painless, quick, healthy and non-surgical weight loss guarantee.

Gastric Sleeve Kingston London Advantages

Gastric sleeve helps patients to lose weight quickly by decreasing the capacity of stomach with very improved and efficient techniques. London Kingston gastric sleeve treatments are very successful and give satisfactory weigh loss results for gastric sleeve procedures owing to the years of experience and the advanced medical techniques.

With gastric sleeve, patients lose weight fast and healthy which is something cannot be easily reached by exercises and diets. During the procedure patients do not feel any pain and discomfort; and the recovery of gastric sleeve is very smooth. The side effects of the procedure are minimized with advanced techniques.

Gastric sleeve is also effective to treat obesity related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, mobility problem or many others. Gastric sleeve success rate is very high and patients are able to lose around %75 of the excess weight in 1 year after gastric sleeve.

Gastric Sleeve Disadvantages

Gastric sleeve results are permanent. After Gastric sleeve patients should adopt a healthy life with good nutrition and exercises to avoid the disruption of their results; after London Kingston gastric sleeve treatments in our clinic, expert dietitians will give you a detailed nutrition plan created for your individual condition to help you to have a healthy eating habits.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery London Kingston

Kingston London Gastric Sleeve treatments offer privileged treatment experiences to patients in the riverside suburb town 20 min away from the central London; the Kingston town is known to be safest and elite part of the London which is close to the spots like Richmond Park, Kew Gardens and Hampton Court. The safe and elite environment of the town is highly appreciated by visitors.

Reviews of Our Former Gastric Sleeve Patients

“After gastric sleeve, my life has changed a lot; I lost 53 kg with this procedure. I am so satisfied with my results; I feel happy again when I look in the mirror. All steps of the procedure were very convenient and smooth for me; Mono Obesity Surgery arranged every detail in advance. I recommend Mono Obesity Surgery to anybody looking for a life-changing weight loss treatment.”

Weight loss surgery
gastric sleeve surgery kingston

“My weight before gastric sleeve operation was 112 kg and I was suffering from many other diseases because of it like diabetes and high blood pressure. I lost 48 kg with gastric sleeve and I wish I had the operation much sooner. I would like to thank everybody who helped me through this amazing experience in Mono Obesity Surgery.”

how much is a gastric sleeve
gastric sleeve prices

During Sleeve Gastrectomy, about 80% of the stomach is split with staplers and removed. Since the remaining part of the stomach takes the shape of a tube / sleeve, it is called a sleeve gastrectomy. There is no connection with the small bowels.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is a safe and effective surgical weight loss method that allows people with obesity problems to lose weight which is done under general anesthesia . The main purpose of this surgery is to reduce food intake by reducing the volume of the stomach.

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Gastric Sleeve treatments London Chelsea are performed by Mono Obesity Surgery, with fast and healthy results of weight loss with 20 years of expertise and proven success by earlier patients’ gastric sleeve operations chelsea. Get in touch with our clinic to get information on up-to-date gastric sleeve 2021 costs.

Most skilled obesity surgeons of Mono Obesity Surgery perform London Chelsea Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey; whole gastric sleeve procedure guarantees pain-free weight loss with rapid and healthy progression.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Chelsea

The quickest and the most effective way of weight loss gastric sleeve is a very safe medical procedure when performed by the latest and the most developed technologies and techniques. London Chelsea Gastric Sleeve treatments are performed with the best and most effective techniques.

The procedure is performed under anesthesia; patients do not feel any discomfort during and after the procedure.

Obesity Surgery in chelsea

Gastric sleeve chelsea is beneficial for those who did not achieve weight loss with exercise programs and diets; it enables patients change eating habits quickly.

Healing period of gastric treatment is very comfortable; patients get back to their daily routines in a week. Side effects are very low in number and quickly disappear short after the procedure.

Many of the obesity patients suffer from other diseases because of their excess weight; gastric sleeve also treats these diseases.

Gastric Sleeve Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Gastric sleeve are very low in number; the most important thing about the operation is to know that the results are permanent.

After gastric sleeve, patients are recommended to get a healthy life to avoid getting back to their weight before the operation. Individualized dietary plans are given for London Chelsea Gastric Sleeve patients, it is not hard to protect the target weight after the surgery.

London Chelsea Gastric Sleeve

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular spots of Chelsea is Saatchi Gallery; however, it is not the only place to visit when in Chelsea. Chelsea Physic Garden, National Army Museum, Royal Court Theatre and King’s Road are also very famous spots receiving many visitors all the time.

Reviews from Gastric Sleeve Patients

“It has been two years since I had my gastric sleeve with Mono Obesity Surgery and my life has changed so much ever since. I lost 46 kg after the operation, my self-confidence has improved and my health condition is in a much better state now. Thank you for everything.”

weight loss surgery prices
weight loss surgery prices

“Gastric sleeve is a procedure to improve the quality of life; I’ve lost 59 kg after my operation with Mono Obesity Surgery and I started to feel like myself again. I totally recommend the clinic and the procedure.”

Gastrik sleeve surgery chelsea
gastric sleeve prices uk

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London Kensington Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery which performs London Kensington gastric sleeve treatments offers rapid and healthy weight loss which 20 years of expertise and experience proven by the gastric sleeve reviews from the prior patients. You can get a detailed updated information on Gastric sleeve cost 2021 and ask all of your questions in our website.

The best bariatric surgeon of London Kensington gastric sleeve offers painless, rapid, healthy and non-surgical weight loss guarantee.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve London

Gastric sleeve is a very advanced and effective procedure which helps patients to lose weight quickly by reducing capacity of the stomach. Gastric Sleeve London Kensington provides patients with very effective and successful results of gastric sleeve procedure thanks to the years of experience and the developed techniques.

Gastric sleeve provides patients with a quick weight loss which they cannot achieve by exercises on diets. It is a completely painless procedure and the recovery of the procedure is very comfortable. The side effects are at the minimum level.

how much is a gastric sleeve
how much is a gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve also treats obesity related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases or many others. The success rate of the procedure is quite high and patients lose the approximately %75 of their excess weight within a year after the procedure.

Disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve London

Gastric sleeve is an irreversible procedure. After Gastric sleeve patients should be careful with heir nutrition otherwise the results may get disrupted; however, in our gastric sleeve treatments London Kensington, experienced nutritionists will provide you with suitable nutrition plans to help you adopt a healthy life style.

Gastric Sleeve Reviews from Our Former Patients

“Gastric sleeve changed my life; I lost 45 kg with gastric sleeve. I am so happy with my results. The whole procedure was so comfortable thanks to Mono Obesity Surgery; they were very attentive in every step. I recommend gastric sleeve treatment in Mono Obesity Surgery to everyone.”

gastric balloon prices
weight loss surgery prices

“My had many diseases because of weight before gastric sleeve; I was very surprised when I found out such treatment exist. I wish I had it even sooner; I lost 58 kg with Gastric Sleeve. Thank you for the amazing experience Mono Obesity Surgery”

sleeve gastric london
gastric bypass surgery cost

Best Gastic Sleeve Doctors in London

If you are curious about the nearest stomach reduction center in londra and the clinic that makes gastric sleeve, please fill in the forms in our contact section immediately.

Gastric Sleeve in London; our page, you can get information about stomach reduction surgeries, stomach botox application, gastric balloon treatment, surgical slimming methods and prices.

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Researches show that gastric sleeve surgery survival rate is 99.7%. Complications are quite rare and appear in less than 4% of the patients. All complications are treatable in today’s technological advances.

Firstly, it should be noted that Gastric sleeve surgery, in other terms gastric reduction surgery, is as safe as all other modern surgeries of the day; it is as safe as laparoscopic gallbladder or thyroid operations. The reason why we mention about this is the fact that we would like to explain that patients with indications should not be intimidated of the surgery because of real morbid obesity. It is for sure that gastric sleeve, which is a very efficient obesity surgery, is not a miracle, but a scientific treatment way. By this, we would like to explain that gastric sleeve surgery has risks as well, similar to all other surgical treatments, it is essential for the patient to get more information before the surgery and discuss about these risks with the doctor.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Surgical complications that may occur after Gastric sleeve surgery are not different from the complications which can occur after similar surgeries. Three of the most common complications are bleeding and partial opening of the sutures, and the leaking of stomach fluid or consumed liquid –solid food gets into the abdominal cavity, leakage and clot, embolism. 1% of leakage problem after Gastric sleeve surgery can be dangerous if the leakage is not treated by an experienced obesity surgeon. In that case, it can be treated by placing a catheter with a USG in the area of the infection occurs, and leakage can be repaired by endoscopically placing a bariatric stent. The patient can be operated on again If no development is obtained in persistent fistulas. Pulmonary embolism can also happen after obesity surgeries. Therefore, patients are prescribed blood thinners 12 hours before the surgery or 6 hours after surgery. Varicose socks are beneficial for High pressure above the knee. Patients start to perform the tube after 2-3 hours of stomach surgery to avoid a lung embolism. Partial extinction of part of the lung is another lung complication. To avoid this condition also called atelectasis, chest exercises with a Trifle blowing device exercise are done on an early gastric sleeve surgery.

weight loss
gastric balloon prices
bariatric botox
Endoscopic Gastric Balloon
Sleeve Gastrectomi turkey

People who have had a partial or total gastric sleeve, up to 75 percent, may experience diarrhea since food gets quickly into the intestines. Side effects of Gastric sleeve surgery can be:

  • Trouble with food
  • Acid reflux or heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Bellyache
  • Roux syndrome

After this operation it may be difficult to get enough nutrients. This may cause to anemia, poor bone metabolism caused by inadequate calcium and vitamin D.

Between 10% and 20% of weight loss surgery patients are required to be checked-up after surgery. In procedures of digestive system, not only close monitoring, but also special nutrition and medications should be used in a lifetime-controlled. Gastric sleeve surgery risks, OC side effects, OC complications may result different risks and side effects. Death may very rarely occur depending on the technique. Special leg socks or blood thinners are necessary after the surgery. This is to reduce the blood clots risk after surgery.

london gastric bypass
gastric balloon cost uk, gastric sleeve cost, how much does gastric bypass cost, gastric balloon pill cost

In this obesity surgery, wounds happen after the operation need time to heal. As these wounds heal, infection is possible. Bowel obstruction, small bowel constriction may happen in a person after weight loss operations are performed. This condition is a consequence of side effects that cause scar and slowing of blood flow in the site. Patients who are not careful with the doctor’s instructions and program after Gastric sleeve surgery can be at risk. It is for sure that the risks of Gastric sleeve surgery are not only the nutritional errors after gastric reduction surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery success rate is announced to be 95%. 4% of them gets through the surgery with mild side effects, while 1% of them confronts the risk of death from stomach reduction surgery.

Mono Obesity Surgery provides the best aftercare instructions to avoid side effects and accelerate the healing; please contact and get more information on gastric sleeve side effects; dedicated and experienced medical consultants and bariatric surgeons of Mono Obesity Surgery will inform you and get you detailed personalized treatment plan.


After gastric sleeve surgery, patients should adapt to the new state and habits of the digestive system, which becomes different with surgery, and follow a nutrition plan to avoid any condition of lack of protein, vitamins and minerals for the long-term. In addition to protein support, consistency and stability in changing eating habits and lifestyle are essential for sure to for the most permanent and healthy weight loss after a bariatric surgery.

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To be able to lose weight after Gastric sleeve surgery, the aim is to decrease calorie intake by decreasing the size of the stomach and to use fat in the body for energy production. However, muscles should be protected too; therefore, fat and carbohydrates intake should be reduced but not protein. Patients are given a protein-rich plan, which is low in carbohydrates and fat. This nutrition plan involves nutrition with liquid for a period of time, followed by soft and mashed foods, and lastly more solid foods. Usage of Protein Powder after Gastric Sleeve Surgery should be under the control of a professional nutritionist.

Nutrition after gastric sleeve surgery

Patients should definitely take a protein shake or powder for the first 2 weeks after surgery; because your energy may decrease and there may be weakness or fatigue. Protein accelerates your recovery process. You should to take protein to prevent weakness and support your nutrition plan. Consult to your doctor or nutritionist and try other products. After the third week, you will start to get foods with protein in your diet; if you are able to consume enough nutrients, you can stop using protein shake or powder. Therefore, you should examine your food consumption together with your doctor and see.

obesity weight loss
obesity protein

Eating habits changes and lifestyle changes are important for losing weight healthily after Gastric sleeve surgery. With Gastric sleeve surgery, 80% of the stomach is reduced and it becomes a thin long tube with a banana-like shape. Weight loss is reached by limiting the food intake. But then again nutrition absorption does not change; so preferring healthy food plays a significant role in weight loss. After Gastric sleeve surgery, appetite of the patients decreases majorly because of the big removal of the part which has the hormone ghrelin. However, with time, hormones get back to normal and appetite returns.

how much is a gastric sleeve
how much is a gastric sleeve, gastric botox, london gastric botox, gastric sleeve prices uk

The weight loss period after gastric sleeve surgery lasts 18 months. This duration is the early period. The process of achieving a desired weight may differ between people. Generally, the first 6 months is the period of quick weight loss and low appetite. The late period is the period after stop of weight loss. After Gastric sleeve surgery, nutrition plan is separated into early and late periods. The target of early nutrition plan is to select the proper food for the stomach’s recovery process, to achieve healthy weight loss with the appropriate foods, to be able to eat enough and balanced diet in the weight loss period, to achieve the desired weight and to gain proper eating habit for Gastric sleeve surgery. In late-stage nutrition plan, the aim is to preserve healthy eating habits and achieve weight control.

How should I use protein powder after gastric sleeve surgery?

For patients who require protein supplements after their gastric sleeve surgery, there are many alternative products; including chocolate shakes for those who would like to get used to the taste. While choosing Protein powder, 9 amino acids are important. In addition, the AA score adjusted for protein digestibility should be 100 when using protein powder. It means that you should choose in favor of protein powders with egg, soy, whey and casein in them. Usage of protein powder after gastric sleeve surgery cannot meet all your needs for sure with the unnatural ingredients, and destruction of novelties in muscles can happen. But here the aim is the process to be as healthy as possible.

gastric sleeve cost
gastric balloon cost uk, gastric sleeve cost, how much does gastric bypass cost, gastric balloon pill cost

Artificial proteins with collagen ingredients are sadly concentrated powders in which the protein ingredient is very low comparing to real protein sources. A patient who had a gastric sleeve needs between 60 and 80 grams of protein every day in the early recovery. Overly protein consumption can lead dehydration if your water consumption during the day is not at the adequate level. True use of protein powder is significant, since if there is only protein in your diet, it can suppress the values of other important nutrition groups taken during the day.

Mono Obesity Surgery provides patients with detailed information on diet after gastric sleeve and the proper aftercare; please contact to get further information from professional medical consultants.

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Surgeries to treat obesity are called as major surgeries, and although no so common, as after all surgical procedures, they pose a number of risks. These risks get higher in direct proportion to the patient’s weight and age. The risk of fatality of these techniques ranges between 0.1 – 0.4%. But then again, this risk of 1-4 per thousand is an acceptable rate if the issue is considered in terms of profit/loss rate.

All surgical operation of today carry some risks; naturally, there are also risks in obesity surgery. However, an obesity surgery candidate should be examined for the operation in detail; after all examinations, patients should be operated by a professional surgical team and aftercare should be proper; this way bariatric surgery can be safely performed and the risk would significantly decrease.

All surgeries carry small or large risks; like there is some risks in gastric sleeve surgery. The age or weight of obese patients are the factors that affect this risk.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The death risk of patients who had gastric sleeve surgery is between 1 to 4 per thousand. This rate can be decreased to zero when the surgery is performed with a professional surgery team benefits from the latest technologies and techniques.

On the other hand, this risk is much higher if obesity patients are not treated. If any consequences of significant cardiovascular disease or liver disease occur before the surgery, the patient cannot have gastric sleeve surgery although the operation is done with laparoscopy which means small incisions are created in the abdominal wall during the surgery.

gastric bypass cost
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After operation, incisions should be regularly cleaned by following the hygienic rules. Otherwise, the surgical site cannot be protected from infection. Infection of the incisions causes healing of the wound to prolong. It is also possible to encounter conditions like clots or lung embolism; however, thanks to air pressure socks, the clots problem of in the legs can be reduced.

After Gastric sleeve, body loses weight very quickly starting from the 1st week. Because of the major weight loss, the body also weakens and becomes lack of minerals and vitamins. Especially vitamin D loss is experienced a lot. As a result of all these, different problems can happen; most commonly, hair loss occurs. To minimize the harm of the reactions caused by the change of the body, the body should be supported with vitamins which are used under the supervision of a doctor. Digestive system conditions can occur as well in some of the patients who had this operation.

Although all these problems can change from patient to patient, they may appear as constipation or diarrhea. 80% of the stomach is taken out with gastric sleeve surgery, these problems which are experienced during the period of adapting the body to the new state go away in a few weeks. Sagging skin problem is also one of the problems experienced by almost every patient after gastric sleeve surgery. However with cosmetic excessive skin removal surgery, tummy tuck, droopy skin can be repaired.

Obesity clinic in turkey
gastric sleeve turkey, gastric balloon prices europe, obesity clinic, bmi clinic, weight loss surgery prices

Embolism risk can be fatal, and this risk continues for 3 weeks after surgery. After obesity surgery, it is less than 1%. It is the most significant and serious complication and can cause sudden death. To minimize the risk of embolism, blood thinners and embolism socks are necessary, and the patients are advised to walk as soon as possible.

Pneumonia, aspiration and lung extinction are some of the complications caused by general anesthesia and possible to be experienced after all operations. In order to lower these risks, the patients are strictly advised to quit smoking, to start walking as quickly as possible after the surgery and to practice breathing exercises. Folding around scar tissue after open bariatric surgery can stop the small bowel transitions. Another reason of intestinal obstruction is incisional hernias.

However, possible problems can be fixed again laparoscopically. Wound infections can happen after all surgeries. This rate is 5% in open surgeries. While treating these infections bandages, antibiotics, drainage, or reopening of the wound site may be required. In infected wounds, outpatient treatment is usually enough. Patients who are smoking are at bigger risk for infections.

Damage to the spleen and other organs; the spleen is situated in the upper part of the stomach and may be injured during surgery although not so common. The rate of spleen damage during laparoscopic bariatric surgery is less than 1%. If a spleen injury happens, the operation can be turned into open surgery and the spleen may need to be fixed. Pancreatitis is a rare but possible complication as well. However, these do not usually require surgical intervention.

Contact Mono Obesity Surgery to get more information about the recovery and risk of bariatric surgeries.


The first and most important mistake made by patients is consumption of acidic carbonated drink after Gastric Sleeve Surgery. When drinking drink with sugar inside, it may feel good for a moment; however, thirst and hunger feelings are inevitable in the following. Instead of drinks with sugar inside, it is better to prefer natural drinks such as milk, mineral water, lemonade, home-made sugar-free drinks.

Drinking water 2-3 liters per day support the burning of body fat; body cannot match its needs when with any less water. Body holds even a glass of water; makes edema, blocks urination and therefore losing weight becomes difficult.

When urine color is yellow and dense, this means that the person drinks inadequate amount of water. It is important to follow the nutrition plan not only for that is compulsory but actually patient make that their lifestyle and drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day.

Weight lose surgery in turkey
gastric sleeve turkey, gastric balloon prices europe, obesity clinic, bmi clinic, weight loss surgery prices

If patients do not pay attention to their nutrition after Gastric sleeve surgery they will not be able to lose weight as quickly as they want after the surgery; patients may experience problems related to stomach or even lose the ability to feel full quickly if the stomach expands.

After gastric sleeve operations, patients should be careful with the nutrients they take and the amount of them. Patients who had gastric sleeve surgery should also be careful with their fluid intake; water or other liquids should not be consumed for 30-minutes before and after meals. Another factor that patients should be careful with is eating in small portions of food.

Patients can consume any food during the recovery period after surgery, but it is important to avoid sugary, fatty and generally multi-calorie foods; they should refrain eating snacks between meals. These habits, which seem unimportant, can turn into a regular habit over time and interfere the patients’ weight loss progression.

Patients who had gastric sleeve surgery should regularly calculate the calories of the food they ate. Although, they eat only small proportions, if what they eat has excess calories, it may disrupt weight loss. Carbonated, sugary, acidic or cream drinks should not be preferred after gastric sleeve surgery. It should be acknowledged that these can make the stomach uncomfortable and their calories are high.

From the fourth day after surgery, after completely liquid foods can be tolerated by the stomach, patients can consume soup, yogurt, milk-melted biscuits, providing grains are completely crushed and there is no roughness in them.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in turkey
how much is a gastric sleeve, gastric botox, london gastric botox, gastric sleeve prices uk

It is essential to eat these for the first 2 weeks, which are crushed or mashed and turned into a more liquid with milk, water, tea. During this process, it is advised to consume powdered protein supplements with liquids; still it is adequate to have a few tablespoons of them, and it should be spread to the day; any more than this would be harmful to body. In this period, carbonated and acidic drinks like cola or soda should be refrained; actually it is necessary to take them out from our lives for good for a healthy lifestyle. Because the stomach of those who had gastric sleeve surgery becomes different, when a small discomfort is experienced in the stomach, patients should stop eating and drinking. After gastric sleeve surgery, it is suitable for patients who complete the 2 weeks’ period without any problems to start to consume pureed feeding.

Small wounds or discomforts which occurred in the stomach pouch during surgery heal in 2 weeks. Therefore, soft or semi-solid foods can be conveniently consumed when in small portions. In this period, it is best to focus on protein-rich foods. Because taking only liquid and semi-liquid foods during the last 2 weeks can make the body and metabolism, weaker; protein is necessary to recover. But then again, fatty, salty, sugary foods are strictly not advised; these nutrients are hard to digest.

Gastric Bypass Surgery uk
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gastric Bypass Surgery re
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in turkey
gastric balloon cost uk, gastric sleeve cost, how much does gast

In this sense, all the foods allowed in the liquid nutrition plan crushed soft-boiled eggs, fat-free cheese, pureed fruits and vegetables, baby food can conveniently be eaten. The third week after the surgery, when it also passed smoothly, boiled vegetables can be consumed by mashed. Portions of them should not exceed a glass of water.

Mono Obesity Surgery provides every detail about the nutrition after gastric sleeve; please contact us to start your life-changing obesity treatment journey and get further information on obesity surgeries in Turkey.


COVID-19 has been a universal pandemic and there is a quick increase of deaths because of the effects of COVID-19 every day. Obese patients, patients who experience obesity related diseases and patients who had bariatric surgeries form an important group who should be careful with this pandemic.

The virus especially affects the older people and causes deaths in them; also those who experience Diabetes, Chronic Lung Diseases and Hypertension are under risk.

COVID-19 virus usually causes Pneumonia after gets into the lungs and results in significant breathing conditions. That means, virus primarily targets the lungs of patients. Therefore, precautions are essential and should be taken without compromise.


In this case, the risk level for people who are overweight and those who have had bariatric surgeries is not fully obvious; still, a few warnings can be made.

COVID-19 and Morbidly Obese Patients

  • The COVID-19 virus is more serious for patients with diabetes, hypertension or chronic lung diseases. Obese patients, especially those whose body mass index is above 40 kg/m2are known to have at least one of the diseases above besides obesity.
  • It should be considered that the capacity of lung in obese patients is 30% lower comparing to healthy people. And therefore, infected lung tissues are more prone to develop pneumonia.
  • Obese patients produce more TNF-α, IL-1, and IL-6; known as Proinflammatory Cytokine. This situation results immune system to be weaker and a vulnerability in case of infectious diseases.

Therefore, obese individuals should be extra careful for the COVID-19 virus which mainly targets and affects the lungs.

Although it is too early to advise a medicine; it can be understood that medications which has “N-Acetyl Cysteine” in, increase the production of mucus in the lungs and limit the entrance of infectious particles.

COVID-19 and Patients Who Have Undergone Bariatric Surgeries

  1. It may be presumed that patients who had bariatric surgeries before hold a lower level of risk thanks to the positive effects of losing excess weight such as increased capacity of lung and tangible decrease on Hypertension, Asthma and Diabetes.
  2. Patients who had bariatric surgeries before may see decreases in their B12, Iron Minerals and Vitamin D levels. Iron minerals play a significant role in carrying oxygen to the tissues. Vitamin D is an essential part of the immune system along with calcium metabolism. It is important for patients who had bariatric surgery to take supplements with these necessary vitamins and minerals.

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How much weight you can lose with a gastric balloon depends on how carefully you follow the nutrition plan given by your doctor and the instructions. Gastric balloon is ideal for those who do not want to have a surgery as it provides the body with weight loss without any non-surgically.

People who are interested in gastric balloon procedure are usually intimidated from surgery or are not overweight in a level which requires surgery. Some patients decide to have a gastric balloon because they are not proper candidates for the surgery; gastric balloon is also benefited in preparation for gastric sleeve surgeries.

After a gastric balloon procedure, weight loss in the first two months is very quick. The speed of weight loss decreases after the second month until the sixth month. If the gastric balloon remains in the stomach for a year, approximately one kilo per month can be lost on the dates close to its removal; this is very expected and common.

In gastric balloon treatments to lose weight, the person is very close to the ideal weight. For patients who get a Gastric balloon in preparation for surgical procedure, the person becomes ready for surgery. In order for the weight lost with gastric balloon procedures to be at the desired levels, it is essential to insert the most proper gastric balloon, correctly adjust the volume; and doctor who performs it, must be a specialist. Maximum weight loss is obtained when all factors are ideally combined.

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The weight loss of overly obese patients cannot be the same with obese patients; as we mentioned above, the weight loss amount cannot be the same. These numbers may change even with patients who have the same amount of weight, depending on how the endocrine system of them functions. If you focus on the metabolism which works a lot different, you can scratch it with significant negatives. Therefore, you should learn your own body habits by consulting to your doctor and follow the ideal schedule in this direction.

Gastric balloon method

Losing weight with a gastric balloon is very common. When the limit of your gastric decreases, your food intake gets lower and naturally you lose weight. However, as we have told, this number value can be various for every individual; therefore, only a doctor can give the most accurate answer to this.

What is Gastric Balloon? Why is the operation performed?

A gastric balloon is a silicone medical material which takes the sphere shape after it is inflated with liquid or air. The gastric balloon volume reaches to 400-700 millimeters. The gastric balloon process is one of the simplest procedures that can make patients lose weight. It is not a surgical procedure. Therefore, the gastric balloon is not accepted as an alternative to treat morbid obesity conditions. Sometimes, it can be used as a help in the treatment of morbidly obese patients who are required to lose some weight before their surgery, but this situation is not so common. Gastric balloon, also known as intra gastric balloon process, is a new generation weight loss procedure. The balloon is placed by endoscopic methods and filled with salt water (saline) in the stomach. By this, the balloon takes up space in the gastric, leading the patient to decrease food intake, experience a feeling of fullness earlier with less food, and thus helps patients to achieve weight loss.

Is Gastric Balloon effective?

A gastric balloon procedure does not eliminate morbid obesity or creates an alternative to obesity surgery. A gastric balloon is not a type of gastric reduction surgery; this procedure is not performed to achieve this.

Gastric balloon method is used for super-obese people only to prepare them for morbid obesity surgery when they need weight loss before surgery. In addition, it can be applied as a helping treatment for patients who are a little over weighted and are not ready for a surgery, although it is very seldom.

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In this endoscopic method, a fist-sized medical balloon that is filled with water is inserted inside the patient’s stomach, and limits the food intake. Patients are able to lose weight until a certain rate with the gastric balloon method, and the balloon must be taken out maximum of 1 year later. Also, for reasons like pain, abdominal tension, vomiting, an important proportion of patients would like to remove the balloon before its due date.

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In order to avoid hair loss after Gastric sleeve surgery, patients should have routine blood examinations to prevent hair loss, take adequate vitamin B12 and protein support. Having a major medical procedure and an undesired look is perhaps the last thing everybody wants. Gladly, hair loss conditions after gastric sleeve can be prevented and even returned. One of the problems of patients who would like to have a bariatric surgery are most concerned and worried about is hair loss. Obviously, hair loss is a common problem, affecting almost half of patients after obesity surgery. This is a very disturbing condition for the patients who have a gastric sleeve and want to get to a better health condition and to get an aesthetically desired appearance.

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Hair loss after obesity surgery is specifically observed between the 3rd and 9th months. Operations which provides absorption disrupting, like gastric bypass, are more likely to cause this problem. Causes of this problem, which is commonly experienced after surgery, include lack of mineral consumption, vitamin deficiency, long nausea-vomiting period and most significantly, inadequate protein intake. Hair loss can be avoided before it occurs if vitamin, mineral and protein levels of the patient are carefully tracked and supported if it is necessary in the 1.,3.,6.,9. and 12. months after the operation. Specifically, biotin (B7), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe), B12 and protein are certainly related with hair loss.

The medication used after Gastric sleeve surgery are very beneficial to prevent hair loss. Since the hair pigment has a very sensitive structure, the medications used affect the hair directly. After a gastric reduction surgery, it is hard to struggle with pain when medications are not used properly to avoid hair loss. But you can use medications and avoid hair loss; Thanks to the efficient collagen products, patients do not experience a problem like hair loss. Hair is getting more powerful from its root to tip. By this way, you get healthy hair as well. Thanks to the drinks which have collagen, hair loss slows down and stops.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Collagen does not only nourish the hair, but also supports the skin, therefore it shields your skin against external damages as well as aging factors. Thanks to products with collagen, you can refrain from hair loss problem. Some of the hair products can threaten human health because of the chemical ingredients in them. The product which should be used after the surgery becomes more significant in this sense. After a gastric reduction surgery, the body becomes quite exhausted; and the products that should be used in this period are essential for your body as well.

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In order to comprehend the condition of hair loss after obesity surgery, it is essential to know about the regular hair growth cycle first. Hair has different phases of growing. Of these phases, anagen (the growth stage) is the phase in which hair’s 90% proportion is present. Telogen, (the stagnation stage) covers hair’s 10%. It lasts around 120 days for a hair strand to transmit between these two phases. But for conditions like infection, surgeries, chronic diseases, shock diets, high fever, protein deficiency, iron or zinc deficiency, medication use, hormonal disorders, more of the hair get into the telogen phase and hair loss can be experienced. Bariatric surgery can cause this problem to occur even by the stress of the surgery.

The condition can be aggravated if the causes beside the surgery like accompanying vitamin mineral deficiencies and inadequate nutrition are added. But, the main reason of hair loss after bariatric surgery may not only be the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, as many patients suppose. A significant amount of hair loss can be experienced, even if the patients follow instruction of nutrition and gets adequate protein and water, takes vitamin-mineral supplements. The main cause for the condition is the reduction on caloric intake and abrupt changes in the balance of metabolism. The body experiences some kind of a shock from taking much less of the amount of nutrients it has been used to take before, and naturally this also influences the hair.

What is significant to know about hair loss after Gastric sleeve surgery that this period is completely temporary. If there is no major problem with nutrition, hair loss usually starts between 3rd and 6th months and stops after 6 months. If the bariatric surgery type also blocks the absorption of vitamin minerals (surgeries from the bypass group) the risk of hair loss may be a little more.

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Although there are no long-term results shows that the stomach may grow again after having Gastric sleeve surgery, it is proved that after a successful procedure, desired weight loss is achieved and sustained for many years. Ideal and desired weight of the patients is obtained approximately in 2 years after the surgery.

After the operation, 10-15 pounds of weight loss is achieved in the first month, while weight loss occur slower in the following months. It is also unhealthy and not recommended to weight loss to happen too quickly already. In such case, both vitamin and electrolyte deficiencies may occur and some parts of the body can sag. Average weight loss should be 4-5 pounds per month.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure which aims to achieve weight loss by decreasing the size of stomach. If it is required to examine bariatric surgery methods, on average, 50-75% of excess weight loss is a successful and reachable goal. This goal is often reached at the end first year. But the weight loss speed and the consistency of the process are usually more dependent on the gender, age, diseases, eating habits of patients.

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Properly managing the post-operative period of the surgery and changing the lifestyle is effective on the success rate. If weight loss slows down or stops after obesity surgeries, the first thing patients should do is to find out the factors that cause this situation. The best way to do this is to delicately track the food/drink and exercise. It may be boring, but it is proven to be efficient. People often eat more than they think. Snacks ate while watching TV, drinks with sugar inside, snacks consumed at midnight before bed, and many other eating behaviors can increase the amount of food people consume.

After Gastric sleeve surgery, growth of the stomach to a certain degree is a natural process. But when it is too much growth of the size of the stomach, this can cause the weight gain again. In order to prevent the patients to return to the old overweight, the stomach must not return to its old large size. After Gastric sleeve surgery, failing on the appropriate nutrition instructions and not adjusting the lifestyle are the main reasons for the stomach to grow.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The most significant mistake of the nutrition plan is the drinking of carbonated drinks and the simultaneous intake of liquid and solid foods. Decrease on stomach size is not expected if you are careful with the rules of solid liquid and carbonated drinks including soda.

People have stomach volume between 2 to 4 liters. In contrast to the common belief, the difference between fat people’s and thin people’s stomachs is not much. When people feel the hunger and send a signal to the brain that they are about to eat, stomach muscles relax and get ready for the coming nutrients. While eating, the average person’s stomach can expand five times than normal size. A big part of the stomach is take out with Gastric sleeve surgery.

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In surgery, the part of the stomach that has ghrelin, which is also known as the hunger hormone, is removed too. Plus, the taken part of the stomach is the part which has a thinner stomach wall and therefore it is more prone to expand. The part of the stomach left behind is thick-walled, its flexibility is less and it is harder for that part to expand.

The 80 percent of the stomach is removed out and the hunger hormone is not there anymore; that is how patients to lose weight after Gastric sleeve surgery. Although the stomach, which has decreased in size, expands a little during eating, it is one-tenth of the old size after the surgery, and patients consume less food because they do not feel severe feeling of hunger.

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A certain degree of excess weight (obesity) is treated surgically according to modern medical standards; obesity surgery is also called stomach reduction surgery, but for some cases, a single intervention in the stomach is not enough. Stomach reduction is the aim, but the surgery type is decided by the suitable treatment way that the bariatric surgeon finds necessary.

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for patients who are obese and have not achieved important weight loss with diets or exercises. Your obesity surgeon is likely to recommend this surgery if your body mass index is over 45, or if you suffer from any obesity-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure or high cholesterol with a BMI over 35.

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity surgeries should not be opted by the people who suffer from hormonal diseases. To lose weight, these patients need to try methods like constant nutrition plans and regular exercises. It cannot be done to people with a body mass index of 35 and below. The surgery should not be performed on patients who suffer from obesity due to hormonal disorders. It should not be preferred by people with a psychological disorder and not recommended to have the procedure by a psychiatric doctor.

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After necessary routine tests are done, they are examined by the obesity unit of the hospital or clinic. This unit consists of general surgical dietitian, internal medicine doctor and psychiatry and neurology specialists; they state their opinion on whether the operation should be performed or not.

The obesity surgery has some criteria determined for overweight patients; stomach reduction surgeries are not suitable for everyone. The body mass index 35 or the ones above also cause obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, arthritis and digestive problems are suitable for those with other disorders like heart diseases.

Weight loss methods are suitable for people who were not successful on losing weight in a healthy way despite being consistent for an adequate time. When a person is overweight, the first method that should be tried is dieting under the supervision of a professional and bariatric surgery should not be the first option. It is hard for patients who would like to have gastric sleeve surgery to make this decision; these patients deal with both the society’s pressure on them to eat less and lose weight, and the feeling of failure on the inability of losing weight despite all the dieting and exercising. It is very hard for patients to decide on any medical procedure.

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Bariatric surgeries are suitable for obesity patients with a body mass index of more than 40, and again with a body mass index of more than 35 and have obesity-related medical problems like blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and who could not lose weight with diet before.

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A detailed examination is done before the procedure. Patients are examined by specialists of internal diseases, endocrine, anesthesia, cardiology, pulmonology and psychiatry. Procedure is often performed on patients who are between the ages 18-70. For patients under 18, the surgery should be determined by examining the degree of obesity and other related diseases. In addition, for people under 18, both the doctor’s approval and the parent’s approval are necessary. For those over 70, the general health condition of the patient and the need for the operation are examined by the doctor. Since the treatment of weight-related diseases will also occur in gastric sleeve, the surgery should be performed under the supervision of specialist doctors in a fully-equipped hospital.

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