Bristol St Pauls Gastric Sleeve

Bristol St Pauls Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery offers Bristol St Pauls Gastric Sleeve patients the highest quality surgical gastric sleeve procedure for a long time. Please contact us and get an online free consultation to find out more about the updated prices of gastric sleeves for 2021.

Highly experienced, specialist obesity doctors at Bristol St Pauls Gastric Sleeve are able to efficiently accomplish weight loss with the most efficient and successful procedure for obesity.

Benefits of having a gastric sleeve procedure

Overweight people face a number of problems throughout their lives. In the long term following weight loss thanks to stomach sleeve surgery, higher quality of life, improved physical well-being and psychological health can be achieved.

The Bristol St Pauls Gastric Sleeve operations are extremely safe and reliable, and patients feel comfortable walking on the same day. The recovery process is often very fast and simple.

Bristol St Pauls Gastric Sleeve plays an important role in improving the eating habits of patients. Reduction in the size of the stomach affects the consumption of food by patients and thus decreases weight.

Bristol St Pauls Gastric Sleeve

St Pauls has a selection of independent shops selling food, drinks, clothes and music from all over the world; the area is famous for its St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival happens every year in July.

Reviews from Bristol St Pauls Gastric Sleeve patients

“After gastric sleeve, I started to enjoy my life more; I do not suffer from high blood pressure or any heart diseases anymore. It is so much easier and fun to do any physical activity; I no longer get out of breath while exercising. It all thanks to my talented obesity surgeon from Mono obesity surgery.”

“I recommend Mono to everyone looking for a very quality weight loss procedure; the medical staff is so attentive and knowledgeable. I was never alone throughout the process. I lost 55 kg and I am so thankful for this new me.”



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