Bristol Easton Gastric Sleeve

Bristol Easton Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery provides the best surgical gastric sleeve treatment over a number of years for Bristol Easton Gastric Sleeve patients. Please feel free to contact us at a free online consultation for further details on the current gastric sleeve costs in 2021.

Highly skilled, expert surgeons at Bristol Easton Gastric Sleeve are able to easily achieve weight loss with the most appropriate and efficient treatment for obesity.

Advantages of having gastric sleeve operation?

Patients with obesity are facing a number of challenges through their life. In the long-term after weight loss due to stomach sleeve surgery, better quality of life, increased physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing can be obtained.

The operations of Bristol Easton Gastric Sleeve are highly safe and efficient, and patients feel comfortable to walk on the same day. Also the healing process is very smooth and easy.

Bristol Easton Gastric Sleeve plays a crucial part to change patients’ dietary behaviors. Decreasing the stomach size restricts patients’ food intake and therefore reduces weight.

Bristol Easton Gastric Sleeve

Easton, known as the coolest part of Bristol, has a lot to offer for visitors who can enjoy a vibrant place; home to a number of independent stores, international cuisine and a thriving music scene, this cultural spot is in the attention of a wide variety of tourists.

Bristol Easton Gastric Sleeve reviews from patients

“Before I decided to have a gastric sleeve I witnessed my best friend to lose 67 kg with this surgery and I was so surprised that the surgery was this effective. When I decided to it, I searched a lot and talked to many people; and then I met Mono obesity surgery. They were so attentive and informative from the start and that’s what I was looking for. My surgery was so successful, I felt surprisingly amazing the same day at the surgery. And they provided me with everything I may need for my recovery too. I am so thankful for all the effort and I totally recommend.”

“My gastric sleeve experience with Mono obesity clinic was fantastic; I’ve lost %70 of my excess weight and I feel very good. My breathing and blood pressure problems have decreased as well. It was a miraculous experience, thanks Mono!”



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