Bristol Cotham Gastric Sleeve


Bristol Cotham Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery has been offering the highest quality surgical stomach sleeve treatments for years for Bristol Cotham Gastric Sleeve patients. Find out more about our up-to-date gastric sleeve prices in 2021, and contact our medical experts for an online for free consultation.

With the most effective and smooth treatment for obesity, high-experienced and professional surgeons at Bristol Cotham Gastric Sleeve are able to accomplish successful weight loss.

The advantages of a gastric sleeve

Obesity patients experience many challenges in their lives. In the long term, a better quality of life, better physical well-being and mental health can be attained following weight loss with stomach sleeve operations.

Bristol Cotham Gastric Sleeve operations are extremely secure and effective; at the same day of the operation, patients feel adequately good to get up and walk. The period of healing after gastric sleeve is very smooth and quick.

Bristol Cotham Gastric Sleeve plays a huge part in changing patients’ eating behaviors. Reduced stomach size reduces patients’ food intake and thereby reduces weight.

Bristol Cotham Gastric Sleeve

Cotham is situated in the middle of Bristol, close to all but far from the busyness of the city center. It features a fantastic mixture of cafes, restaurants and stores.

Bristol Cotham Gastric Sleeve patient reviews

“Mono Obesity clinic was amazing in every step of my weight loss treatment. I met them 2 years ago when I was very overwhelmed with my excess weight and not being able to lose them with any kind of diets or training. I had gastric sleeve with them and lost 64 kg. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, I did not feel any pain or discomfort. Just the relief of finally finding an effective solution. Thanks for everything.”

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“my gastric sleeve with Mono obesity surgery was a year ago; I recommend them to everyone who are looking for a quality weight loss clinic, they have been checking my progress after the operation and we are still in touch. I am so happy with the result. Thank you Mono.”

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