Band Gastric Bypass Surgery


Band Gastric Bypass Surgery

Band gastric bypass surgery is an effective weight-loss method for obese patients. In bypass surgery, doctors cut a large part of the patient’s stomach. Therefore, patients need to eat less food. Thus, patients start to eat less.

Gastric Bypass Procedures

 Gastric bypass procedures start with the doctor’s anesthesia application to the patient. Then the doctor begins to make small holes in the patient’s abdomen. Thanks to these holes, doctors can insert special small surgical instruments into the patient’s body. Doctors then cut 80% of patients’ stomachs.

Band Gastric Bypass

Doctors also shorten the distance between the stomach and intestine during bypass surgery. For this, they tape the stomach and intestine to each other. Doctors leave the stomach in the patient’s stomach. Thus, bypass surgery ends.

Private Gastric Bypass

Doctors recommend that patients diet after bypass surgery. Bypass surgery makes it easier for patients to diet. However, bypass surgery alone does not allow the patient to lose weight. Patients should make eating healthy foods an essential part of their lives.

Balloon Gastric Bypass

 The balloon method is different from bypass surgery. In the balloon method, doctors leave a balloon in the patient’s stomach. This balloon occupies a large place in the patient’s abdomen. Patients eat less food because they have a small cavity in their stomachs. Thus, the balloon method tries to weaken patients. However, doctors remove the balloon from the patients’ stomach after a maximum of 1 year. That is why the balloon technique is not a permanent method.

Stomach Bypass Cost

Patients should contact the clinic to learn the price information of the surgery. The clinic’s communication tools are available on the clinic website. Patients can call the clinic. Another option is that they can send messages to the clinic via Whatsapp. Clinical staff quickly answer all questions of patients.

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