Balloon Gastric Bypass


Balloon Gastric Bypass

One of the weight loss methods for people who cannot lose weight with exercises and diet is the turkey gastric balloon. In gastric balloon surgery, doctors place a balloon in the patient’s stomach and inflate it.

weight lose turkey
weight lose turkey

Thus, the free space in the patient’s stomach decreases. Therefore, the patient starts to eat less and lose weight.

Balloon Gastric Bypass

In a gastric balloon operation, doctors first give anesthesia to the patient. Doctors then send a balloon from the patient’s mouth to their stomach.

Doctors inflate this balloon with a unique blue serum and leave it in the patient’s abdomen. This balloon will remain in the patient’s stomach for 6-12 months.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Balloon

Doctors do not use any surgical instruments in balloon operations. Doctors only use endoscopic instruments. Therefore, no holes or cuts occur in the patient’s body. Thus, patients can walk shortly after surgery.

Balloon Operation to Lose Weight

Since the balloon will remain in the patient’s stomach for a maximum of 1 year, the patient tries to reach his ideal weight during this period. The patient should eat healthy food and diet to lose weight.

Gastric Bypass Procedures
Gastric Bypass Procedures

Doctors give this diet to patients after surgery. Patients must continue to diet even after the doctors remove the balloon from the patient’s stomach.

Balloon in The Stomach to Lose Weight Cost

Patients should contact the clinic to get the price information of the gastric balloon operation. Therefore, patients can contact the clinic’s phone number to get price information. On the phone, patients have the opportunity to ask all the questions in their minds.

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Balloon in Stomach for Weight Loss Price

The best communication with the clinic is the patient’s going to the clinic. When the patients go to the clinic, they get the chance to communicate with the doctor face to face. Thus, patients can learn prices and other information more clearly.

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