Face lift is surgical procedure which can be performed in variety of types in according to the condition and expectations of the patients. The main aim of face lift is to rejuvenate the face, repair the face skin and tightened the under tissues and muscles which is deformed due to aging.

Face lift is not a way to stop aging; however, it gives the most efficient results as a facial rejuvenation procedure. With a correct treatment plan and the experience of the surgeon, a face lift operation is able to make you look 10-15 years younger.

Face lift is a procedure for the lower two-third of the face; usually the main aim is to repair the lower and middle parts of the face which involves cheeks, area around the lips and the neck which are very prone to aging effects.

Middle face lift is also known as cheek lift; it is performed for the area of upper cheeks and lower eyelids; it is suitable for those who would like to achieve an elevated look for their cheeks and reduced aging lines for their skin.

Full face lift is for the area starting from the lower eyelids and goes until the neck. Full face lift can make very impressive and major changes on your face; it can reduce the “Turkey-neck” look, flatten your jowls and reduce major wrinkles to restore the youth.

The cost of face lift procedures depends on the chosen type and technique of the operation; in your consultation process, you will be informed about the prices and package details for your face lift treatment after you get your individualized treatment plan.

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Face Lift Procedure

  • The techniques for face lift may vary depending on the treatment plan made specifically for the condition of a patient.
  • Depending on the suitable technique, the proper incisions are made. The excess fat is removed and the remaining fat is re-shaped for the ideal form. The excess skin is removed and the skin is repositioned in accordance to the treatment plan. Underlying muscles and tissues are tightened. After all necessary changes are done, the area is closed up by the sutures. 

Recovery After Face Lift

  • It is normal to experience pain, swelling, bruising and bleeding for the first week after the operation; your surgeon will prescribe you with the appropriate medication in order to control side effects, support the healing process and prevent any kind of complications.
  • Smoking should be avoided until the recovery period is done since it may cause delays and interruption on the healing process.
  • Patients are able to get back to work after 2 weeks, but then again the necessary resting time should be discussed with the surgeon.
  • The total recovery time is highly dependent on how carefully the post-op instructions are followed by the patient. Final results are mostly visible until 6th month until which most of the edema is gone.