Cost of Cosmetic dentistry İzmir

For the cosmetic dentistry cost in Izmir, you should first decide which procedure you want to have.

Unfortunately, this is not a decision you can make alone. Even when you call your dentist, they will definitely want to see you and examine your mouth structure.

Because without examination, even your dentist cannot comment specifically for you. Cost of Cosmetic dentistry İzmir For this reason, you should make your appointment immediately and find out which dental aesthetic procedure is suitable for you and which you cannot have.

After having a dental examination, you can decide on a procedure with your dentist.

According to the decision, Dental implant İzmir your dentist will move on to the planning phase of your procedure. You can learn everything you wonder about your procedure from him.

If you would like to have your dental aesthetic procedure in Izmir suitable to your budget, then you can directly tell your doctor how much your budget is.

Your dentist will definitely assist you in getting the best treatment option you can have compared to your budget.

Cosmetic Dentistry Prices İzmir

You can always get help from our clinic regarding the pricing form and dental aesthetic prices in Izmir.

However, you need to make an appointment to get clear information; because you need to be examined and your dental structure should be examined. Dental Implant Turkey After that, a procedure is determined among many dental aesthetic procedures and a treatment plan is created accordingly.

After that, you can also get information about prices.

Cosmetic dentistry in Izmir

Procedures that can be done about dental aesthetic procedures in Izmir:

  • Orthodontic treatment,
  • Composite filling treatment,
  • Porcelain laminated,
  • Implant procedure,
  • Teeth whitening (bleaching),
  • Full ceramic crown coating procedure,
  • Zirconium crown,
  • Laser therapy,
  • Gingival aesthetics procedures.

You can request help from our dental clinic for any of these procedures. In this way, you can have the perfect smile you have always dreamed of and always wanted.

You can extend the results as long as possible by not neglecting your oral care after your procedure.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

For any reason, staining and yellowing may occur on people’s teeth. There are two types of teeth whitening:

  • Office type whitening process
  • Home whitening process

Which of these will be preferred is best preferred by your dentist depending on the course of the procedure.

Gum Aesthetics (Pink Aesthetics)

Some individuals are uncomfortable by the appearance of their gums while smiling. The gums may be too low and covering most of the tooth.

In this case, procedures can be made to extend the tooth size or to bring the gums to a symmetrical shape.

Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implant treatment is often preferred among dental aesthetic procedures. One of the most important reasons for this is that it is permanent for a lifetime when adequate attention is paid to oral care.

In addition, because of the different brands, you can adjust the cost of cosmetic dentistry in Izmir according to your own budget.


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