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Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

Among cosmetic dentistry Turkey treatments, dental treatments are performed as well as gum treatments. While making a decision here, it is ensured that the smile is aesthetically improved for the problem experienced by the person.

Important points about cosmetic dentistry procedure:

    • The condition of the facial features
    • Making the smile symmetrical
    • The position of the finish line of the lips
  • The order of the teeth and the color appearance to be obtained
  • The condition of the gums
  • The person’s gender
  • Age
  • Shape of the lips.

When these situations are considered, Dental implant İzmir it is aimed to produce a proportional and appealing result as much as possible.

Izmir implant, Turkey implant
Izmir implant, Turkey implant

In other words, you should know that the procedure is not limited to your teeth and gums, Cost of Cosmetic dentistry İzmir and it is aimed to achieve a harmonious appearance with your face by taking into account many situations.

Cosmetic Dentistry Types

Dental aesthetic models are named after the appearance that the teeth will bring to the face.

Thanks to these different situations, Zirconium Crown İzmir you can change the general structure of your face as well as achieving the perfect smile you dream of, which suits your expectations.


  • Aggressive type
  • Focused type
  • Dominant type
  • Advanced type
  • Mature type
  • Natural type
  • Functional type
  • Oval type
  • Soft type
  • Strong type
  • Young type
  • Hollywood type.

By examining these models, you can find out the on that you think it will suit your face the most. Afterwards, your dentist tells you which type of tooth and what kind of face appearance will be created by using computer technology. Dental Implant Turkey Afterwards, the stages of your process are planned over the type you have determined.

Smile Design How Much?

You may be thinking about getting a smile aesthetics and wondering how much does smile design cost?

In this case, you should first apply to your dentist and talk with which technique you can make a smile design.

Your dentist will give a detailed explanation about the advantages and disadvantages of several design techniques determined specifically for you.

When you determine a technique at the end of the explanations, you can find out what the price is according to the way the procedure is performed.

How Much is the Cost of a Crowned Tooth?

One of the cosmetic dentistry Turkey procedures is crown teeth procedure.

So, how much does the crown tooth cost?

First of all, you should know that there are different crown materials. Dentist Turkey For this reason, price differences will occur depending on the material of the procedure on the price.

Apart from this, the fact that the same material is not applied to each individual is another factor that affects the price of the crown tooth.

After all these conditions are determined, Dental Turkey that is, after your oral examination performed in your first session, you can learn the price of your tooth crown technique.

At Which Age Can Cosmetic Dentistry Be Performed?

At which age can cosmetic dentistry be performed? The answer to the question is about the complete development of the jawbone.

Depending on the person’s structure, it is possible to have cosmetic dentistry at the age of 15 – 16. At this age, it is also possible to apply gum aesthetics to the person.

As a result of the operation, it is aimed to have a healthier dental structure and a more aesthetic tooth alignment.


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