How Much Tummy Tuck UK?

Tummy tuck operation is a relief for those who are uncomfortable with the layered look on their tummy skin; layered and saggy look on the tummy is a very common problem, especially for those who experienced major weight changes. While there are many factors leading for this uncomfortable look, tummy tuck is the best and only solution for it.

Here is some information about how much tummy tuck UK.

Tummy tuck prices in UK

Cosmetic surgery prices are often considered as expensive in UK and therefore patients commonly prefer treatment options in other countries like Turkey.

How much tummy tuck UK, is between £4,500 – £6,000; this treatment prices start from £2,500 in Turkey. The reasons of this huge difference is the economic conditions of the countries; clinics in Turkey are able to set much affordable prices due to the low cost of labor and cheaper medical expenses.

What is included in tummy tuck prices?

Another aspect about how much tummy tuck UK and Turkey costs is the pre-operation and post-operation process; prices in UK does not include any consultations or check-ups. However, in Turkey, tummy tuck treatments are ideally designed for the international patients by including every single detail into the package price, like accommodation, meals, transfers, medications, personal assistant, hospital fees, pre-op consultations and post-op check-ups.

In conclusion, how much tummy tuck UK differs a lot from the prices of clinics in Turkey and that is the biggest motivation of international patients to prefer travelling Turkey for their tummy tuck treatments. Clinic Mono receives high number of tummy tuck patients from UK and proud to offer them the best results along with exclusive medical experiences. Please contact us and get more information about the details of how much tummy tuck UK and why Turkey offers more privileged treatments.

Labiaplasty Recovery Week by Week

Labiaplasty operation is a very successful and effective option for those who suffer from the unwanted shape or size of their labia which can cause both physical and mental disturbance. Those who are interested in the labiaplasty operation very often wonder about the details of recovery period.

Here is what to expect from labiaplasty recovery week by week.

Recovery timeline: labiaplasty recovery week by week

The total recovery period of labiaplasty usually takes around 3 weeks; however, patients should remember that every individual can pass through this period differently. Here is how labiaplasty recovery week by week.

Labiaplasty recovery week 1

First week after the labiaplasty operation is where the side effects are experienced in the maximum level; the most common side effects are usually swelling and moderate pain during this week. As intense physical activity may reversely effect the early period of healing, patients often recommended to take a week off from work after their labiaplasty operation. At the end of the first week pain subsides significantly and many patients do not feel a need to use and pain medications. However, swelling may take longer to disappear. 

Patients will feel progressively better in their labiaplasty recovery week by week. The surgical site should be kept clean as instructed by the surgeon; patients should not rub or scratch the area until the healing is completed. Your surgeon may recommend you to use cold packs to help with the swelling.

Labiaplasty recovery week 3

At this point, it is much more comfortable to do some physical activities. Pain is mostly gone. Swelling and sensitivity can still remain at this stage and it is very natural. Patients should remember that third week is still early for the recovery to be completed and should be cautious.

Labiaplasty recovery week 6

Sixth week of labiaplasty recovery is where the area is mostly healed; patients can get back to their heavy physical activities and have sexual intercourse after this period providing that their surgeon says it is now suitable for them to do so. Labiaplasty recovery week by week is completed at the 6th week; however, patients may need more time for all the remaining swelling to go away and final results to be achieved.

Clinic Mono medical consultants are looking forward to give more information on labiaplasty recovery week by week in an online consultation; please do not hesitate to contact us.

Otoplasty How Long Wear Headband?

While thinking about a cosmetic procedure, the recovery period is as commonly questioned as the procedure itself by the patients. Considering that the recovery is a very significant part of the process and have a huge effect on the results and healing, this is completely natural. 

Recovery is also about how long do patients have to pause their regular daily life and until which extent for the surgery. When it comes to otoplasty how long wear headband is the point which patients wonder about most.

Recovery of the otoplasty surgery

Otoplasty surgery needs to be supported with proper and effective aftercare applications.

Patients should use the medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon regularly and keep the surgery area clean. Resting the head in an elevated position is necessary for the first weeks as it helps with the edema significantly.

Otoplasty how long wear headband is one the most common questions of the patients related to the post-op process; in fact, the duration of the headband to be necessarily used should be advised by the surgeon as the different conditions of the patients may have different needs. However, usually, otoplasty how long wear headband is around 4-6 weeks; during this time headband should be used while sleeping or doing physical activities to protect the ear from possible external damages while still in the sensitive process of the recovery.

When performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon and being careful with the recovery, otoplasty surgery gives magnificent results; for the best otoplasty results with the most affordable package deals, contact Clinic Mono now. Our medical consultants will be glad to inform you more about otoplasty how long wear headband and the other important points about the otoplasty recovery period.

How Long Does Brazilian Buttock Lift Last?

Brazilian butt lift is the trendy cosmetic operation on the recent years with the satisfactory results that gives to the patients who would like to restore their body shape by achieving a slimmer waist and larger buttocks. While the demand and prevalence of the Brazilian butt lift increase rapidly, there is one common question about the procedure, “how long does Brazilian buttock lift last?”

What are the factors affecting the permanence of Brazilian butt lift results?

Brazilian butt lift is a medical procedure which requires high talent and expertise; the operation lasts around 2-3 hours.

While “how long does Brazilian buttock lift last?” question is commonly asked by the treatment seekers; there are some different aspects that are effective on the answer of this question.

Patients who had Brazilian butt lift surgery should be attentive and careful about their recovery process; this is important especially for the early periods of the recovery process. The post-op instructions given by the plastic surgeon should be followed delicately, prescribed medications should be used regularly and the necessary medical garments should be worn appropriately. A suitable and proper recovery is very essential for the answer of “how long does Brazilian buttock lift last?” question.

Also, the further processes of recovery and after recovery, patients should be careful with the general health condition of their body for their BBL results; they should avoid major weight changes and an unhealthy lifestyle. Patients can even improve their Brazilian butt lift results if they are committed to a healthy life style and proper exercises in the long term.

Contact Clinic Mono and know more about “how long does Brazilian buttock lift last?” and the other important points about the recovery process of Brazilian butt lift surgery.

How Much Is Labiaplasty Surgery?

Labiaplasty surgery is a very successful surgery providing many people with a more comfortable and aesthetic form of the labia; unwanted shape of the labia can cause low hygiene on the genital area, uncomfortable feeling and irritation while wearing tight bottoms or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Labiaplasty surgery can offer a much suitable shape for the labia and reduce all the discomfort related to it. Here are the most important details about how much is labiaplasty surgery.

What are the factors effective on labiaplasty surgery?

Labiaplasty surgery is a very smooth and successful medical procedure but still requires qualification and experience to achieve the most desired results. While looking for the most affordable labiaplasty price, treatment seekers should remember that.

One factor affecting how much is labiaplasty surgery is the location of the procedure; labiaplasty is performed many parts of the world. Every country has a different economic situation and therefore different average prices for labiaplasty surgery. While in some countries labiaplasty can be really affordable, in some others it can quite pricy; this is also the reason why many patients choose to have their operation abroad.

Another factor determinant on how much is labiaplasty surgery is the surgery plan; a unique surgery plan created for the personal condition of the patient is important for the most successful labiaplasty results. Unique treatment plans may lead for different medical expenses in some cases and therefore the treatment prices may change accordingly.

Turkey is one of the countries where the labiaplasty surgery gives the best results with the most affordable prices; in Clinic Mono, we arrange every single detail of the labiaplasty treatment journey in advance for the comfort and health of our international patients. Get in touch and get an online consultation; our medical consultants are looking forward to inform you further about how much is labiaplasty surgery in Turkey.

How Much Breast Lift Cost?

Breast uplift treatments are very effective on achieving better position and shape of the breast which are very prone to sag due to many factors like pregnancy, aging or genetics. The breast uplift procedure provides very satisfactory results for patients; one of the most common points treatment seekers are wondering is how much breast lift cost.

What are the factors affecting how much breast lift cost?

Like in other cosmetic procedures, breast uplift cost is also affected from several factors.

One of them is the operation plan made for the patients; different conditions and desires of the patients may have different medical requirements and this may affect how much breast lift cost.

Another important factor affecting how much breast lift cost is the treatment packages; breast uplift treatment is a popular treatment for medical tourism practices. Therefore, it is very common for patients to have their procedure abroad to benefit from the most advantageous prices and the most successful procedures. Many clinics set their breast uplift prices as a package deal; these packages are designed specifically for international patients and cover many services like accommodation, transfers, medications and many other. How inclusive these packages are and the quality level of the services included can affect how much breast lift cost.

How much breast lift cost in Turkey?

Turkey cosmetic treatments are very popular for international patients; how much breast lift costs are very cheap in Turkey like many other cosmetic procedures. 

To find out about the most affordable breast lift cost in Turkey please contact Clinic Mono; breast uplift operations are performed by the most talented plastic surgeon in Clinic Mono. Dedicated team of the clinic arranged every detail of you journey with the best services and facilities. Please get in touch and initiate your Mono journey with an online consultation.

How Long Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Although it is quite popular, tummy tuck operation is also approached with hesitation at first from many treatment seekers due to its recovery process; it is true that the operation is quite invasive and the recovery is a little more demanding than some other cosmetic procedures. 

But then again, the medical techniques are very developed today and are able to provide patients with smooth and comfortable cosmetic procedures along with satisfactory results. Here is how long tummy tuck recovery last.

Recovery process of tummy tuck surgery

Tummy tuck operation has different techniques for different kinds of conditions; how long tummy tuck recovery takes can change depending on the selected suitable technique for the patients.

In general, it takes around 2-4 weeks for patients to get back to normal daily life after having a tummy tuck surgery. 

Proper aftercare after tummy tuck

How long tummy tuck recovery is also related to the proper post-op applications; patients should follow the post-op instruction of their plastic surgeon closely to prevent any kind of unwanted side effect, support healing and shorten the recovery duration; prescribed medications should be used as instructed and the proper medical garments should be worn as explained by the plastic surgeon and medical consultants.

Though how long tummy tuck recovery takes often intimidates people who are interested in the operation, with enough care and attention, this operation will not take much of your time from your normal life and the results will be totally worth it. Clinic Mono prioritize the comfort of its patients and therefore offers the best aftercare services; experienced medical consultants and personal assistants of Mono will be there for you whenever you need. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and learn more on how long tummy tuck recovery lasts.

Recovery After Tummy Tuck: Does the Operation Leave a Scar?

   Tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries opted by those who would like to achieve a flatter abdominal area and a better body form. Recovery of tummy tuck can be seen as complicated at first however when true aftercare instructions are followed, it is actually very smooth.

   An important thing which concerns patients who would like to have a tummy tuck is the scar issue; many patients would like to achieve their dream body by having tummy tuck, however a possibility of a visible scar can be intimidating. Here are all the details about the tummy tuck recovery and scar.

Recovery after tummy tuck

   Tummy tuck is an invasive surgical procedure; the recovery after tummy tuck requires attention and care for a proper healing and avoiding complications which may affect your health and operation results badly.

   Resting is the key point; patients should rest for enough time and give their body the time to heal before getting back to their normal life. First 2 weeks are important for resting and therefore patients are advised to take 2 weeks off from work; if it is not possible, at least 1 week of resting is a must.

   Another important point about the recovery is the medical garment; medical garment should be obtained if not provided by the clinic and used for enough time as instructed by the surgeon. This garment is very effective on reducing the swelling; it eases the pain and discomfort as well.

   Patients should be careful with their physical activities until the recovery period is over; any position or activity which may strain the belly or increase the blood pressure should be avoided for at least a month.

Tummy tuck scar

   Tummy tuck is performed by removing out the excess skin which causes the saggy and layered look on abdominal part; the shape and the size of tummy tuck scar can vary depending on the technique and the extent of the operation, however scar is expected in every condition.

   Tummy tuck surgeries are planned for the individual’s condition and these plans also cover the shape and the location of the incision; depending on the specific condition of the patients, surgeons are usually able to make the incision under the bikini line so that it would be hidden after the operation.

   The extent of the surgery is very determinant on the tummy tuck scar’s size; for example, patients who had mini tummy tuck have a much smaller scar which is quite similar to C-section scar. On the other hand, patients who had extended tummy tuck usually have a much larger scar.

   The prominence of the scar is highly dependent on the recovery period as well. Though the scar is permanent, it can fade away to a very indistinct level. To achieve that, refraining from smoking, lotions with vitamin E and sunscreens are highly recommended during recovery process.

3 Things That Will Improve in Your Life After Tummy Tuck

   The undesired form of the tummy is disturbing for many people regardless of gender, race or age causing them to feel insecure out their body. This condition is very common and can be caused by weight changes, pregnancy or aging. Gladly, tummy tuck is a very successful operation giving very satisfactory and permanent results thanks to the medical developments, talented surgeons and advanced technology. Here are the 3 things that will improve in the life of patients who had tummy tuck.

The body form

   Tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery as opposed to what many people think; however, it has still a huge effect on the body form. When the skin loses its elasticity by aging or stretches caused by the excessive weight or pregnancy, naturally it sags after weight loss or after pregnancy is over. This saggy look prevents people to enjoy their body form even if they lost a great amount of weight. Tummy tuck will not make you lose weight but it will contour your body, flatten your belly and highlight your curves. Plus, it is the only permanent solution for this condition.


   It is a known fact that the main aim of cosmetic surgery is to make people feel better about their body; people who are not happy with a certain part of their body are very prone to lose their confidence and feel depressed. Patients who were very uncomfortable with their saggy skin around the belly state that after they had tummy tuck, they started to feel much better about themselves; their confidence has been restored and it is much more enjoyable to wear tight clothes or swimwear they like. A successful tummy tuck operation can change more things in your life than your appearance.

Motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle

   Although, the surgical and recovery processes are very smooth today thanks to the latest technology and improvements of the medical science, tummy tuck is still a surgical procedure which requires enough qualification, care and attention from both the surgeon and the patients. After going through all the processes and achieve the final results, you will have much more motivation to eat healthy food, exercise more and control your weight changes; a healthy lifestyle is very essential after having tummy tuck in order to prevent from going back to the old saggy condition of the tummy. And after spending certain amount of time and money on this operation to achieve a better body form, we promise you will be much careful about your general health; not only to preserve the results of your tummy but to take better care of your full body.

   Clinic Mono provides its patients with all-inclusive tummy tuck treatment packages.

Things to Know About Before and After Processes of Tummy Tuck

   Tummy tuck operation is the favorite cosmetic operation of people who would like to improve the shape of their abdominal area. Pregnancy, aging and major weight changes can cause deformation of the tummy area and cause saggy and layered look. With tummy tuck, people are able to get rid of this undesired appearance and achieve a nice bikini body.

   Before booking for the operation, there are some important things to know about process.

Before tummy tuck: Understanding the operation

   Tummy tuck is often misunderstood as being a treatment which makes patients to lose weight. This is a very common misunderstanding of people about the cosmetic procedures related to tummy area; however, this is not true.

   Tummy tuck operation is performed to remove the excess skin in the tummy area, tighten the muscles and sometimes to remove the excess fat; but it is definitely not a way to lose weight. In fact, tummy tuck cannot be performed for people over a certain BMI value because it is risky.

   So, who can have a tummy tuck? Tummy tuck is suitable for those who experience saggy skin and weakened muscles after a major weight loss, pregnancy or aging. It is very common for patients who had lost weight with bariatric operations to opt for tummy tuck afterwards. The operation is also an inseparable part of mommy makeover treatments.

   Before having the operation, it is important to have a detailed consultation session to talk about the expectations and current medical condition of the patients. There are several types of tummy tuck such as lipoabdominoplasty, extended tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck. These types are to treat the conditions with varying severities; in the consultation, your surgeon will suggest you the best suitable technique to achieve the best results for your specific condition.

After tummy tuck: Instructions and results

   Tummy tuck is an invasive operation and the aftercare should be very delicate. Depending on the extent of your operation and whether it was combined with another cosmetic surgery or not, the discomfort level of patients in recovery period can vary.

   After having tummy tuck, you will be provided with suitable medical garment; using the garment as instructed by the surgeon is important to support healing, smoothen the recovery period and reduce the swelling.

   Resting after the operation is very important; patients are often advised to take a week off from work or 2 weeks if that is possible. Any strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be strictly refrained during first 2-3 weeks. To achieve a proper healing of the tummy tuck incision any position to strain tummy should be avoided for the first 2 months.

   Results of tummy tuck are completely permanent; however, patients are advised to eat healthy and exercise regularly to avoid any other major weight change since it may cause tummy skin to sag again. Tummy tuck is not a suitable operation for those planning to get pregnant in the future as it would disrupt the results.

   Medical consultants of Clinic Mono will be happy to give more details about the before and after periods of tummy tuck; fill out the free consultation form to contact us.