Brazilian butt lift is a surgery performed to provide patients with an enhanced buttock and a slimmer waist. Brazilian butt lift is performed by removing the unwanted fat from some areas of the body such as abdomen, waist and back; and transferring it to the buttocks.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL surgery is suitable for people who would like to enhance and re-form their buttock areas and obtain an hourglass body form without using implants. Brazilian butt lift makes the body lines curvy and prominent along with a voluminous buttock. In Brazilian butt-lift surgery, no foreign substances other than your own body fat is used to increase the volume; therefore, the results of Brazilian butt lift are very natural and the complication risk is relatively low.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

Brazilian butt lift surgery cost may differ according to your individualized treatment plan. BBL surgery requires a detailed consultation process with the surgeon covering all your expectations from Brazilian butt-lift surgery and your medical history. At the end of your Brazilian butt lift consultation, you will be given an individualized Brazilian butt lift treatment plan and a Brazilian butt lift price set according to that plan. Clinic Mono assures you that the Brazilian butt lift surgery cost covers all necessary Brazilian butt lift Turkey package details for a comfortable Brazilian butt lift journey.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

BBL surgery naturally includes Vaser Liposuction; the unwanted fat is removed from the suitable areas like tummy, waist, upper back and lower back by liposuction. Depending on the patient’s needs and expectations from Brazilian butt-lift surgery procedure, other areas like thighs, double chin or arms can also be included in liposuction process. The collected fat is processed with special methods, purified and prepared to be able to hold on in the new place better. When the fat cells are ready, they are re-injected to the buttocks area strategically in order to obtain a desired shape and volume.

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Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Although the recovery process of Brazilian butt lift is usually smooth, it requires enough care and attention in order to preserve the results and prevent complications.
  • You are supposed to avoid sitting on your buttocks for 2 weeks after Brazilian butt lift; you should sleep face down until your recovery process is done. You will be provided with “BBL pillow” by our clinic; this pillow is designed to avoid pressure on your buttocks after Brazilian butt lift when you need to sit down. 8 weeks after Brazilian butt lift, you will be able to sit and lie normally again.
  • In the post-op process of Brazilian butt lift, you will need a garment in order to minimize some side effects and support the results of liposuction; you will be provided with the right size of the garment by us.
  • You should avoid smoking and alcohol for a month after your Brazilian butt lift; smoking decreases the blood circulation and alcohol can cause dehydration; these may affect your Brazilian butt lift results negatively and cause complications.
  • You can get back to your light daily routine in a week after Brazilian butt lift and get back to work in 2 weeks providing you follow the Brazilian butt lift post-op instructions carefully.
  • Exercising after 2 months of your BBL surgery is highly recommended for the sustainability of your results.

Brazilian butt-lift surgery requires high level of knowledge, experience and attention; when done by a professional, the Brazilian butt lift results are very satisfactory; before deciding on the surgery, patients should search for the clinics, surgeons and Brazilian butt lift reviews in detail. There are many factors affecting Brazilian butt lift surgery cost; Brazilian butt lift price is one of the most affordable option in Turkey; Brazilian butt lift cost is set in accordance to the needs of international patients who would like to benefits from the advantages of Brazilian butt lift Turkey treatments.

In order to find out more about Mono Brazilian butt lift Turkey practices, Brazilian butt lift price, Brazilian butt lift reviews and before&after pictures, please contact us; our dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to reply all your questions about Brazilian butt lift Turkey, inform you about Brazilian butt lift cost and get you a consultation from our surgeons.