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Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

Brazilian butt lift Turkey procedure is also called BBL or butt augmentation cosmetic surgery.

Before the operation is decided, a detailed consultation process is required. However, this factor does not change the fact that it is performed very frequently both abroad and in Turkey.

Treatment seekers should consult to a plastic surgeon for the procedure to have a Brazilian butt lift surgery and be examined accordingly.

Brazilian Butt Lift İzmir

Brazilian butt lift Izmir procedure can be performed by using different techniques. However, Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey the choice is not solely up to one’s own decision. It also includes the evaluation of the anatomical and physiological structure.

This is an issue that only your plastic surgeon can comment after examinations.

Brazilian butt lift can be performed with;

  • Fat injection
  • Silicone implant placement.

When silicone implant technique is preferred, implant will be placed between the hip muscles.

In fat injection, it is performed with regional fat deposits of the person; by accumulating fat tissue from different parts of the body and making it usable as a filling material after a special process.

This filling material obtained from the person’s own body is transferred into the hip with special cannulas.

Brazilian Butt Lift Istanbul

In the Brazilian butt lift Istanbul procedure, the fat injection technique can only be performed for people who have sufficient fat tissue for the procedure.

If there is not enough fat tissue, the silicone implant option can be considered.

People with sufficient amount of fat tissue in the abdomen or waist area will also have the chance to get rid of most of their regional fats in the procedure and get thinner.

In this respect, fat injection is more preferred in people of medium weight. The most important issue that the person should pay attention to after this operation is adopting a healthy lifestyle and keep their weight stable.

One of the reasons why fat injection is preferred so often is that it allows the person to shape both the buttocks and hip area.

When the Brazilian butt is performed with the silicone implant, a pocket is opened between the strongest muscles of the buttocks and the silicones are placed here.

They are not as sensitive as breast silicones. Prostheses used in the buttocks are gel prostheses that do not fall apart even when cut with a knife.

It is not a type of silicone that easily explodes and deteriorates.

Brazilian Butt Lift Prices

When we examine the Brazilian butt lift prices, there is no clear price due to the availability of different techniques and the fact that the procedures can be different according to the person’s body.

For this reason, it would be better to talk to the plastic surgeon about all the issues that the person is curious about Brazilian butt lift surgery Turkey, including the price.

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